Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Happy Halloween 1 by 3 Microscope slide and 1 by 1 Tiles Vintage Digital Collage Sheets

Hello Friends!
I hope that everyone is enjoying the fall season.  The weather the past week has been perfect here in Michigan.  I am so excited because this weekend our Boy Scout Troop will be camping and this is the BEST weather for sleeping in a tent...I LOVE it!
On a creating note....
I had someone who was interested in my digital collage sheets, but needed something in smaller jewelry sizes....so that is why I have been creating a few different Collage Sheets for Jewelry.
Here are a couple sheets I did for Judy.
Here are some Circles and Squares that I shared yesterday that I made for Judy as well.

I can't wait to see the Jewelry that Judy makes with these sheets!

Yet again....I have not created anything tangible with my sheets...ugh.  Those have followed me for a while..know I struggle with having tooooo much....STUFF...lol.  My house is always a mess...and between work and scouting...and the fact cleaning is just not fun....my house continues to be a mess :0)

So...I have been focusing on getting rid of stuff!  I'm pretty proud of myself because yesterday I took 8 garbage bags full of clothes, boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army.  I have been going through my stash of creative stuff and setting things aside to give to my friends daughter...who has three little girls...

Of course my computer crashed a while back....My older son bought himself a new computer, and has given me he old one :0)
I have always had laptops...which I have always ended up dropping at some points....between taking it places....so I thought lets see how I do with a desktop...lol.  Another friend has let me use his extra Microsoft Surface.  So.....trying to get back into things is takes a bit more work that expected.  All my programs that I used I had to re-install....and then I have to find all the fonts etc...that I had downloaded...Need to figure out how to set up my camera...and then the program I used for editing my photos...isn't around anymore...lol.  So...getting to creating tangible goodies...has been a chore.  

Hopefully I will figure it all out soon....lol
Have a great day...and sorry to bore you with so much talk...lol

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  1. Super cute!
    Yes, you are, crazy busy!
    BOLB hugs!


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