Thursday, January 11, 2018

Retro Valentine's Day Images Digital Collage Sheets

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing one of my Favorite 
Retro Valentine's Day Images.
Here is the original card.
I decided to clean it up just a little bit.  I created a New Heart, and changed the placement of the it looked more centered.  Poor spoon was not all there, so I completed it.  I also
decided to re-do the Sentiment on the cupcake wrapper.  It too was not  Got rid of the background, worked on the cupcake frosting and decided since I re-did the sentiments, I'd go ahead and flip the image as well.
Here is my Collage Sheet.
Since I was playing around with the image, I decided to do use the images to make a 
more traditionally shaped Valentine.
Of could I not be tempted to change up this darling cupcake? I did a new face and decided to go all creamy for Valentine's Day!

I also have a set of Valentine Rose Hearts

I hope you are having a great day!
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Valentine's Day Hearts with or without Polka Dots Digital Collage Sheet Sets

Hello Friends!!
I hope everyone had a Happy New Years!
I had some friends over, my Oldest turned 20 and had some friends over, and I just got back from spending the weekend at a Tubing Camp out with our Boy Scout Troop.  
I'm glad we had a cabin because it was cold!
I have also been dealing with bronchitis (since October) and finally went back to the doctor and I hope the new meds will work this time.  Nothing like coughing all day long....yuck!
So...that being said...I had a little time to play today...and came up with some fun Valentine's Day Hearts Embellishment sets.
I have such a hard time deciding what I just went with all of

 Pink Heart 6 page Set $3
For those of you who like Pink Pink.....

I myself am more of a CORAL PINK kind of Gal..

That's all for me today!
Hope you have a great day!