Monday, April 28, 2014

Creative Cutting Mother's Day Challenge

Hello Friends!!
I hope you are having a fabby day!
Today I would like to share with you a large tag that I have made for inspiration for our
Creative Cutting Mother's Day Challenge!!
I decided to make a tag using an image from Gecko Galz, Cindy's Cutting files and goodies from Really Reasonable Ribbon.
Cindy's Leaves and Branches File You can get it for $2.00.  
 Here is a look at the set below.
Leaves & Branch - Click Image to Close
You get three different leaves and branch.  I used the one to the left. 
Cindy's FLower Set One File Which you can get for $2.00.
Flower Set One - Click Image to Close
I used the Flower's Oval shadow layer and the inner flower with the extra spiral cut out on the back of my tag. I used the oval to fold over from the front to the back.
You can see the oval and the lovely Gecko Galz April Colors image from this month's single collage sheets set, in the photo below.
You can also see the Buttons, Cotton Candy Baker's Twine, Deep Ivory roses scattered around my tag from Really Reasonable Ribbon.
Here is a close up of the top of my tag.  I just love the leaves in Cindy's File...they go fabby with all my flowers and beads.
I have a large Pink Cottage Rose, Juliet Lace and Salmon Pink Seam binding at the top of my tag and More of the same at the bottom of my tag!!
I also used my Art Glitter Glue and Fine Tip Applicator to add some Gingerbread glitter to my tag.
Here is a look at the back.
I created a pocket to hold a tag for journaling.  The one flower in the lower right has pop dots under some of the petals to keep the journal tag from slipping out.
Here is a close up of Cindy's Flower file below.  I inked all my edges with Ranger's Frayed Burlap distress ink.
Here is a look at the tag with the Journal tag removed below.
I used a tag base digital Collage sheet from my Etsy.

I can't wait to see what you create and link up to our 
Thank you for visiting!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Glamour Tag

Hello Peeps!!
Today I would like to share with you my
Glamour Tag :0)

I used some fabulous ribbon, trim, buttons and roses from 
I tied off the top of my tag with the Salmon Seam Binding.  You can see where I used the Juliet Lace to tuck in under my pastel buttons both on the star and in the upper right of the tag.  I love the metal grey swiss dots!  
I layered my Silky Rose crush, Edna Lace and metal grey ribbon under my focal image, which was raised with the Tombow Fix it foam tabs.  
I just love all the tiny pastel buttons that I placed across the bottom of the tag with the Juliet lace!  I used my fine tip applicator and applied some dries clear glue, then added both Just Peachy and Gingerbread Art Glitters!
One last look at my tag.
I don't know about you...but I am loven the new RRR Blog...if you have not seen it hop on over and check it out!  I can add X-Large photos now..without the images covering up the sidebar!!  Woot!! Woot!!
This is my last official post for Really Reasonable Ribbon, I have enjoyed being on the team!!  I just decided that I would like to have a little more time to spend in my Garden and get some things finished around my house this summer.  I will of course continue to use RRR Goodies...Bonnie has the best Ribbons, Trims, buttons....everything..and Great Customer Service!!
I do hope to do a couple post at the RRR Blog through out the summer!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Fever & Great Antique Finds

Hello Peeps!!
I know....I know...I have been soooo bad...not doing a post in over a week on my blog!!  Too busy enjoying SPRING life!!  It seems each Sunday for the past couple weeks have been full of family call it fun :0)
Let me see....try and make my story short.
It starts every year when the sun finally starts to shine and things warm up in Michigan.  I want to change things up here at the Hudson House.  
So you saw the beginning of my first chalk paint adventure
Still not quite finished....because I decided to start on this...A card catalog that has been sitting in my basement for years.  OMG...I had to take off all of the hardware....25 little drawers.  Of course only ONE would NOT come  At least I got some exercise carrying all of that upstairs and out to the yard (in pieces of course).
Painted it black
Next comes blue.
Then some sanding...and you really don't see much of the black, but when it gets nicked will see more :0)  I have sanded the rest of it...just don't have a photo yet...because it started to rain..and I had to move all the pieces into the garage :0)
So now it will sit till I decide what I am going to do next....which was going to the antique mall with the hubby and picking up this....
Starting the Last Sunday in March, we have had either a family birthday or Easter....or I have bought something that required picking up....kind of like this piece below.  I will admit I am a Craigslist & Ebay
That would be my super fab honey in the back of my super fab friend Kenny's Truck.The three of us went to high school together...
Of course I am giving them isn't going to fall out is it??  LOL..they are so tolerable of me :0) Here is a fun
They brought the piece into my living room, which I refer to as the "Red Room."  You can just see the edge of the white cabinets behind this new piece....and those cabinets came from my parents..but were very dark brownish...back in the day...and I only mention them because...
I hooked up Kenny with my best girl friend Ginny and they had their first photo together in front of those cabinets :0).....
Well..before things get clean...they become a bigger mess here.  I decided to try the piece in a different room (I put felt feet on the bottom, so I can slide it around where ever I want  But it ended back up in the Red room.  So I took everything (too much junk) out of all the cabinets and moved them...and so I have piles on the floor every where ......waiting to be put away.
 I did buy this piece below on the same day..but my two men and a truck waited to pick it up the next week.  Also from Craigslist...
This piece belonged to a very nice lady...and it was her grandmothers...and she had promised to keep it...and I told her that her Grandmother would be very happy with me having it...I would cherish it she gave me a super deal...$50...and I LOVE it...I go from French Provincial to Primitive when it comes to decor!!  I got everything in my Dining room from Craigslist..and it is similar to this style....So first on my list is to remove the gold mirror contact paper from this piece.  Here it is in my far 1 hr and 30 min spent removing the hands I had to take a break...
The plan for my to have a shabby/vintage chic theme.  With roses all over of course :0).  
So...I kind of decided that since it was time to get a new car...I would just get my OWN I could give Kenny a break from having to borrow his....because I will need to get dirt, mulch and who knows I had to order the one that I that will be a post later.  Then last night I checked Ebay...and 
uh oh....there was a beautiful oak farm table...and I currently have one...which is 8.5 feet long...and a beautiful dark wood....but I have wanted a more primitive looking one for a while.  So when I saw this...I had to make an offer.  Luckily it was accepted and my honey and youngest went to pick it up!
Son #2 loved the chairs....because they are comfy..and easy to lift was carrying them around the yard like this...silly boy!!  This time I had to borrow my Dad's Truck...because he has an 8ft bed...and Kenny is off canoeing with the Scouts (son #1 is part of that...son #2 is celebrating a bday..and didn't want to
I was sooo excited to see it!!
I think my hubby was UP with the
Teaching son #2 proper body mechanics for lifting...which we are still working he can help me when I get my own  Son #1 has already had the
Look at those beautiful planks of oak!!  Gorgeous!!
Lucky for me Tish and I worked out a deal I was happy with and she knew her table was going to a place where it would be loved...and she has some extra money for her neice's wedding.  Personally if I lived in a nice warm state..I would set this up looks sooo beautiful out in the side yard!  
I should be able to get 14 peeps around this beauty!!
I LOVE it!!
Needless to say...I have enough things to play with for a I will be doing some gardening...and redecorating in the house :0)
So...if you were wondering what I have been up you know :0)
Oh...but tomorrow I will be back to share my last 
Really Reasonable Ribbon post.  I have sooo enjoyed being on Bonnie's Design Team.....and she is being super sweet to let me take some time off...for the summer :0).  I will have a couple RRR posts...filling in when Bonnie has extra days.
If it were up to me...I would have a table/dresser and chairs in every room of the  I am crazy like that :0)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Free Mother's Day Collage Sheet, Cards & Painted Canvas Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
I am super excited to be sharing with you a free Mother's day Collage sheet that I designed using images from the Graphics Fairy.
This is my third year doing a free Mother's day sheet.
This year I thought it would be fun to do a tiny canvas and a card.
Today I am sharing the canvas tutorial.
I am so proud of myself...because I did this project and video back on the 25th of March...and was not able to post it till the 18th of April. I am so not good about having to  
Here is my Canvas

Here is my tutorial

I also have two cards using the same images, they are just a little bit different.
This one is my Under 10 min. Mother's Day card.  You can find my tutorial for this card and Collage sheet here.
Here is my card that I am featuring today on the 
Really Reasonable Ribbon blog.  

For this card you will need the following.
Really Reasonable Ribbon Tombow Fix it foam padsJuliet LaceSalmon seam bindingCotton Candy cane Baker's Twine10mm Deep Ivory Mulberry Roses and some buttons.  Of course I used my Bow it All tool to create both bows :0)
You will also need the following.
2.....5.0" by 6.5" ivory card bases
2......4.75" square pieces of pink card stock
My free digital collage sheet
3.5" doily
Ranger's Frayed Burlap distress ink
Foam Applicator (for the ink)
Glue Stick
Designer Dries Clear Glue & Fine tip applicator
Step 1
You will need to cut your card to a 5 inch square base.  You will need to use the second card base to cut a 5 inch square, which you will add to the other card base.  This will create your easel card.  So you will fold up the top flap of your card base.  Then you will glue the 5 inch square base (line it up with the top) so that it will line up with the bottom when closed.  Please refer to photo below.
Step 2
Cut 2.... 4.75 inch square pieces of pink cardstock and your collage sheet pieces.  I distressed the edges of my pieces and inked them with Rangers Frayed Burlap distress ink.  I glued the ledger sheet to the pink card stock.  The images on the collage sheet are already to size.
Step 3
I inked the doily with Frayed Burlap too.  I then glued down the focal image to the doily.  I added a row of Juliet lace and I also used a craft knife to cut the doily on both sides of the image.  I threaded my seam binding through these openings.
Step 4
I glued the seam binding down on the back of the doily.  I also cut the large foam tabs in half, and placed them around the edges of the back of one of my card stock pieces.  Leaving the top open so that I could slide a tag in.
Step 5
I also added some cotton candy baker's twine to the piece.  I glued the doily down to the card base.
Step 6
I used the Bow it All tool to create a bow which I added to my card.  I also added some foam tabs to my "Mother" text box.
Step 7
I added the other pink base inside of my card.
I took the piece that I cut off of my card stock base (when I cut it down to 5 inches).  I left it the same height, but cut the width down to 4.5 inches.  I inked another doily, and glued it to my piece and trimmed off most of it. 
Step 8
I trimmed off the excess cardstock so that my piece looks just like a doily.  I centered it horizontally and placed it as close to the bottom of the card as possible.
Step 9
I added some of the ivory mulberry roses to the upper left corner of my focal piece and a button tied with cotton candy baker's twine to the right of my seam binding bow.  You can see where I tucked in a tag in the back.
Step 10
I put a foam tab on the upper part of a button, and I am placing it on my tag so that the top of the card will fit under it.  
Step 11
I added some more seam binding to the top of the tag.  I also tucked in a piece of Juliet lace, and added another mulberry rose.
Step 12
On the inside I added another tiny seambinding bow, and mulberry rose.  I added my "Mother" text box too.
Step 13
I used my Art Glitter Glue and Fine Tip applicator to add glue to my doily and around the circle of my focal image.
Step 14
I added Gingerbread glitter to the doily and tag edges.  I have also added Just Peachy glitter to the focal image.
Here is a look at the finished card closed.
A look at it open
Thank you for visiting!!