Sunday, December 25, 2011

Countdown To Christmas Calendar

Merry Christmas to my Online Friends!!
I hope that everyone is getting to the point where they can slow things down and enjoy the holiday.
I created this Countdown to Christmas Calendar to give to my mother for Christmas (since when she last visited, she asked if it was for  Of course it is for her :0)
I used Gecko Galz, and Graphic Fairy images.  I also used some goodies from my Pro 31 Designs DT kit.  The base piece is by Kaiserkraft.
Here are some photos

Here is the front, and below is the back
 If you would like to see some close ups and all the products I used with links, just visit my video below.

I have also found a beautiful song that I would love to share with you.  Some of you may know that I have worked with special needs children, and a friend of a friend has written the most beautiful song for her DD who has special needs.  You can purchase her song (she has a Christmas CD as well) from itunes.  The proceeds will go toward her therapy.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Victorian Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
Today I would like to share with you a 
Vintage Victorian Christmas Ornament that I created using 
Gecko Galz, Graphic Fairy and other free images online.  I used some of the fabulous embellishments I received in my DT package from Pro 31 Designs (Esmeralda), to make it glamerous!
Here is a photo.
I have a tutorial below.  So you can create something similar with your own post cards, or with images and collages you create 

Hope it inspires you to create something for yourself...or as a gift!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Victorian Christmas boot Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
I have some exciting news to share with you today!
I am now a member of Esmeralda's Design Team for
She has wonderful trims and goodies for you to use in your papercrafting and altered art projects!
Here is a Video of my goodies that I received from 
Here is my first project.  You might recognize it :0)
I thought I would created another Vintage Victorian Christmas Boot, using Gecko Galz and Graphic Fairy images, and some of my goodies that I received from Esmeralda!
Here is a photo of my Victorian Christmas Boot.
Isn't it gorgeous!!  I just love it!  This time instead of using it as a money holder as I did in the one below...
This time I decided to stuff my little boot pocket with some of Esmeralda's goodies!

I used the following items From Pro 31 Designs

I used the boot image and Angels from Gecko Galz.  LeeAnne (Gecko Galz owner) for the month of December, is offering her Collage sets as buy one get one free!! 
 Her sets run from $2 to $2.50.  They are fabulous!!
If you would like to see how I created this project you can just watch the videos below.
Here is part one....I will add part two when it is finished.  Grab some coffee or tea...and enjoy :0)

Part Two....LOL...I did a little copy and paste...and forgot to put 

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions!
Hugs!!  Have a great day!

***UPDATE APRIL 2013***


Saturday, December 10, 2011

2nd Tree of Christmas & My Gecko Galz Oh la la Challenge @ Bella Creations

Hello Friends!!  Welcome to my Blog!
I have my Second Tree of Christmas ready to go today.
This is a 6ft tree that I purchase back when I was into selling Pink Shabby Roses on Ebay.  So I had a lot of pink decor.
Here is my Tree before
I just have one little problem this year with my trees.  You may be able to see it in the picture below.  Look in the center of the photo, and my new problem should be easier for you to find.  Sorry it is a little blurry but I took it in the evening, and was playing with the settings on my camera.
The Problem's name is Mr. Frankie Kittens.  If you missed the story, he was a stray kitty that had been attacked by another animal in our yard.  My kiddos caught him..and of course he became our pet.  
He is missing the last 1/3 of his tail.  It doesn't seem to stop him from doing what he wants.
Here is a photo of the top of my pink shabby tree.
The Angel on this tree and some of the other trees (I will post pictures once they are decorated)..I bought on ebay a few years back.  I got an awesome deal.  I love them!!  Here is a picture of the middle section.  A lot of ornaments are glass...and don't show up so well.
Unfortunately the bottom of my tree looks a little bare...LOL.  Just see the problem that I pointed out above as for the reasoning...LOL
I am hoping that Mr. Kittens will become bored with the trees, and then I can add some more ornaments.  Just this morning he removed all the fun from one of my primitive sheep is now naked...LOL.  I think he needs a few more days to get over the coolness of these hanging toys...LOL.
I just stumbled upon the
PINK SATURDAY BLOG.  I have seen it when visiting some of my girlfriends blogs in the past...Micupoftea.
I hope to link up there since Pink (well...a coral pink) is my favorite well as Robin's egg blue...and too many others to list..LOL.
This tree is one of 4 that will be in my NEW pink (used to be blue) dining room.
If you missed my First Tree of Christmas just hit this and it will take you there!!
This month over at Bella creations, I used some Ephemera by our sponsor Gecko Galz to create the collage sheet below for you to print out (the sheet with out the copyright is at bella creations) and create a tag, card, altered art...anything goes this month.
I just changed the post card a tad.  The original Gecko Galz one, and I created one using a Graphic Fairy image of two girls in the stamp, and one with just a red stamp.  Here is a close up of the Graphic Fairy one.

I hope you enjoyed my post today..and I hope you have something pink to share...and that you have time to come to Bella's and play in my challenge!!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Heather's First Tree of Christmas and Bella Creations Card Challenge

Hello Friends!!  
I have finally gotten around to doing a little tree decorating! Today I have my First Tree of Christmas :0).  It is kind of like a Tim Tag, on steriods...LOL.  I am going to start off with my favorite little 5ft tree.  It's home is in the dining room, nuzzled in a corner.
Here it is before
Today I had to add a new light strand.  The bottom one had burnt out.  Here are some pictures of it now.
I have many antique ornaments on this tree that I have collected over the years.  This tree is my favorite.  Probably because it is small, but packs a lot of beauty!
That little gold ribbon fan that is on the right was made by my father.  Can you imagine a Retired tool and die maker making these delicate fans?  Not that my dad is not creative, bur normally he is building arrows (for target shoot only) or wood things.  Not dainty Christmas ribbon fans...LOL.  So you may see them through out my trees.
Here is a full shot.  I still need to add some ornaments to the bottom that are bigger...just got to find the box that has them in it.

Let's take a break from trees shall
This month at Bella Creations I am hosting the Card Challenge.  I have designed a Sketch for inspiraton!
It is up to you to what colors and theme you would like to use this month.  I thought it might be fun to show it turned as well.
Why don't you come and join my group...and create something fun!!
Hugs...and I hope you enjoy my first tree, and card sketches.Photobucket

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Tree Madness has begun :0)

Hello Friends...and Welcome to my Christmas Tree Madness.
I just started blogging a little over a year ago, and so some of you may remember that I have a sickness for Christmas Trees.
I know it is crazy...but I just can't help it.
Just to clarify, I consider decorating Christmas Trees as my Art Flavor for the month of December.  I will leave my trees up till The end of January.  You might say..."Don't people think you are weird having them up that long?"...actually people think I am weird, but they always love my trees.  Since I live with teenage boys and my DH and new kitty (so things could get interesting this year)..I am the only one decorating.  I have tried all that happy get the family together and decorate...and my family is just not into it anymore.  My youngest has a White tree in his room, and he decorates it himself. we go. 
Here are some photos of my trees after being dragged out of the attic, down the stairs and stuck in a spot.
The Dining Room Trees
This one is one of my favorites.   This one is older than my kiddos.  First little tree that I bought.
This one is in the opposite diagonal corner from the one above.  It is nine feet tall.  Now imagine you are a Christmas Tree Hoarder and you walk into Walmart the day after Christmas and find this tree for only $34.  I about had a heart attack at that great deal.  PRE you know what happened.... guessed it!  LOL...I went back to the tree department and got another one.  It hangs out in the family room Kitchen area..(you know I did go back and get another one for my brother and his wife at the time for their  What can I say..I am madd :0).
Look at that poor tree...LOL.  I got to the point that I didn't want to take the beads off from last year...LOL.
Back to the Dining room.  Back a gazillion years ago, I was painting ornaments for tiny pink trees and selling them on ebay.  So if you wanted a Shabby Pink Roses Chic tree...I had it. (I still have at least 7 of these trees in the attic, but they are 3ft).  
You know what this tree is saying????  Listen close...
GINNY...come and decorate me please :0).  Not sure if it was last year or the year before, but my BFF came over and helped me with my sickness.  Not that she is not sick herself...because she puts up a pile of trees too.  You can click the link in the top right corner...Polly's Paper find her.  You could stop by her blog and tell her my Pink Tree is looking for her :0)  that would be funny!!
Now to the foyer.
This one has some sweet antique lights that I got at a yardsale on it. It also has a wood trunk base (woodland tree).  Mr. Frankie Kittens..has been doing a little bark shaving.  Not sure how that is going to work :0)  Kind of messy.
On the other side of the door is this little tree.  I call it my Charlie brown tree.
Next is the Red Room.  Our rooms are named by color..and the dining room used to be the Blue room, but it was recently painted a Coral pink (dining room is easier).  This tree I just got a couple years ago.  After a trip to Greenfield Village.  I decided my big poofy tree needed to be replaced by a more vintage looking tree.  
Unfortunately I had to put the stinking lights on this tree...LOL.  I found some awesome LED Christmas candle lamps on ebay..they are GORGEOUS!  When it is decorated..I will post a close up.
My kids do complain about this tree, they preferred the big poofy one.  The tree base on this one spins (so does the one in the family room) it gets decorated all the way around.  You can find the heavy duty revolving ones at Home Depot and Michaels (that is where I got mine...after Christmas a gazillion years ago). there are a couple more small ones...but I am tired, and all I have done is carried down decorations and blogged about it.  So, check back this time next week...and MAYBE I will be finished.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Cinema Crop at Bella Creations

Hello Friends!!
Each DT member will have a challenge and a game for you to play!
I designed this fun puzzle below for one of my games. So go ahead and push the play arrow and give it a try!  Just so you know, you will be timed :0).  
Here is the image not as a puzzle.
Feel Free to send this puzzle as a post card to your friends for Christmas.  I have it set up so you can do that!  Just click the puzzle below, and it should take you where you need to go.

Click to Mix and Solve
Once you have completed the puzzle, please head back to my group and let me know your time!!  Feel free to do it a couple times if you like :0)  
I created the puzzle using Gecko Galz and Graphic Fairy images.

My Challenge is an easy one for the Crop.  I have some scenes from the movie posted in my Group which you are to use as your inspiration to create something fun!
Here is an item that I created for Inspiration!
I will be sharing both of these projects that I created this week with Simon Says Stamp and Show Vintage (stars), Simon Says Stamp (anything goes) and The Shabby Tea Room (winter picnic).
(feel free to check out their challenges, you may be able to share what you create with them too).  I am also sharing this with the Faded Charms (White Wednesdays).  Many beautiful inspiration for you to see at all of these blogs!
Here it is.
I created this with an image from Gecko Galz.  I started out with a skate cut file from the Silhouette online store.  I embossed it with an embossing folder.  Then I wet embossed it with some Zing embossing powder. I added some MS glitter to the edges of skate.
Here is a close up of the embossing.  I added some silver glittery pipe cleaners to add some vintage charm!  I used one to look like the blade of the skate and the other to hold a snowflake in the skate.  I did cut two skates..glued the bottom section of the boot together and pop dots at the it is a pocket.
I used some Christmas picks that I bought at Michaels, as well as a stick pin from a swap (Cathi O). I used liquid pearls in bisque to apply some polka dots to the woman's hat and sweater.
 I used a Stamp by prima and stazon jet black ink to stamp on the tag that fits inside the skate.  I inked all edges of the tag and the Skate with Ranger's vintage photo distress ink.  The tiny stars are some charms from Ranger too.  I used seed beads to create the buttons on the skate.
I hope this inspires you to create something fun today, and that you may stop by the Cinema Crop and play.
Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gecko Galz Christmas Bottle Trinket

Hello Friends!  I am so glad today was not a work day.  I had plenty of time to play.  I was inspired by the Simon Says Stamp and Show some stars and the Simon Says Stamp some tags.  I was also inspired by Gerri's Challenge at the Flying Unicorn to create something with a bottle.  I will also share this with the Make it Monday blog.
I started off with one of my son's tiny maple syrup bottles he has been collecting.  I used Graphic Fairy and Gecko Gals image and digital stamps to create my collaged tickets.  I also added a little fringe like fibers.  Here is a close up of my star and ticket tags!
I was inspired by Maggi's to create something that looked like heavy metal.  So I used a timmy die, prima pattern stamp, stazon in jet black,embossing folder and some alcohol inks.  I just LOVE how it turned out!  
Added some Gecko galz paper to the edge of the cap, filled in the top with glue, brown glitter and a vintage antique button.  You can see the curly ques of my wire...I love wire!
Here is a close up of the left side :0)
The Christmas Exhibition is from the Graphic Fairy, you can get the Santa image there or at my friend Sandi's blog.  She has great images from her collection too.  Another antique button, and some white glitter around my ticket.  
Here is a close up of the right hand side of the bottle.
I used the same prima stamp on my tiny punched flower.  The Angel is a Gecko Galz image as well as the Christmas Holly.  The key is a brad which I just broke off the back and glued on.  I inked all my pieces with Ranger's vintage photo distress ink.
Some White glitter outlines the ticket on the front of the bottle, and a seed bead is what I used for the center of my flower.
One last look at the whole little bottle.  I have filled it with strips of dark tan music paper..also by Gecko Galz.  I will have to photo that later :-)  Too tired.
Hope you have a great day!

Gecko Galz Christmas Card

Hello Friends!!
Today I am going to share a card that I created using
Gecko Galz images.
I had a really fun time creating this card.
I entered it into Helene's (2amScrapper) Money Holder Challenge at the Flying Unicorn.
I will also share this with the Make it Monday blog.
It is actually two pieces.  I love to have tags in my cards!  
There is a lot of yummy glitter and perfect pearls (copper by Ranger).
All my flowers came from the flying Unicorn.  The tiny white rose buds are one of my favorites!
I just love the liquid pearls in bisque.
The outside of the card is an image from the Gecko Galz 
Here is the original image before I altered it in GIMP. I used a lot of ink to ink it up, and I printed it on ivory colored cardstock, after removing the background color.
The tag just slips in the top.  Here is how it looks with out the tag.  I also flipped the image, and cut and paste the sentiment so it wouldn't be backwards :0)
Here is a look at the tag.  You will see how I added the roses to the top so that when the tag is in the card, it looks like one beautiful flower cluster.
Here I used many images to create a mini collage.  I took the frame and added a shadow so it looks as if you are viewing this happy couple through a gorgeously framed window.  I took the little angel from the original image of the skaters, and put him on the frame instead :0)  I just love how it turned out.  You can see on the right side there how the gift card slides in.  Since I used an angel..I will be sharing this at Flutterbywednesdays challenge.
Adding the shadows creates some depth, which misleads the eye to think there is more than one layer of paper here. I added some of the flowers from the holly bunch, but used some different holly behind it.
I just love all the glitter!!  If you would like to learn how to create your own little collages just check out my GIMP TUTORIALS page.
Here is the original image
One last look at the whole thing.
Hope you have a great day!