Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Tree Madness has begun :0)

Hello Friends...and Welcome to my Christmas Tree Madness.
I just started blogging a little over a year ago, and so some of you may remember that I have a sickness for Christmas Trees.
I know it is crazy...but I just can't help it.
Just to clarify, I consider decorating Christmas Trees as my Art Flavor for the month of December.  I will leave my trees up till The end of January.  You might say..."Don't people think you are weird having them up that long?"...actually people think I am weird, but they always love my trees.  Since I live with teenage boys and my DH and new kitty (so things could get interesting this year)..I am the only one decorating.  I have tried all that happy get the family together and decorate...and my family is just not into it anymore.  My youngest has a White tree in his room, and he decorates it himself.  Okay....here we go. 
Here are some photos of my trees after being dragged out of the attic, down the stairs and stuck in a spot.
The Dining Room Trees
This one is one of my favorites.   This one is older than my kiddos.  First little tree that I bought.
This one is in the opposite diagonal corner from the one above.  It is nine feet tall.  Now imagine you are a Christmas Tree Hoarder and you walk into Walmart the day after Christmas and find this tree for only $34.  I about had a heart attack at that great deal.  PRE LIT...so you know what happened....
Yep...you guessed it!  LOL...I went back to the tree department and got another one.  It hangs out in the family room Kitchen area..(you know I did go back and get another one for my brother and his wife at the time for their house...lol).  What can I say..I am madd :0).
Look at that poor tree...LOL.  I got to the point that I didn't want to take the beads off from last year...LOL.
Back to the Dining room.  Back a gazillion years ago, I was painting ornaments for tiny pink trees and selling them on ebay.  So if you wanted a Shabby Pink Roses Chic tree...I had it. (I still have at least 7 of these trees in the attic, but they are 3ft).  
You know what this tree is saying????  Listen close...
GINNY...come and decorate me please :0).  Not sure if it was last year or the year before, but my BFF came over and helped me with my sickness.  Not that she is not sick herself...because she puts up a pile of trees too.  You can click the link in the top right corner...Polly's Paper Studio...to find her.  You could stop by her blog and tell her my Pink Tree is looking for her :0)  that would be funny!!
Now to the foyer.
This one has some sweet antique lights that I got at a yardsale on it. It also has a wood trunk base (woodland tree).  Mr. Frankie Kittens..has been doing a little bark shaving.  Not sure how that is going to work :0)  Kind of messy.
On the other side of the door is this little tree.  I call it my Charlie brown tree.
Next is the Red Room.  Our rooms are named by color..and the dining room used to be the Blue room, but it was recently painted a Coral pink (dining room is easier).  This tree I just got a couple years ago.  After a trip to Greenfield Village.  I decided my big poofy tree needed to be replaced by a more vintage looking tree.  
Unfortunately I had to put the stinking lights on this tree...LOL.  I found some awesome LED Christmas candle lamps on ebay..they are GORGEOUS!  When it is decorated..I will post a close up.
My kids do complain about this tree, they preferred the big poofy one.  The tree base on this one spins (so does the one in the family room)..so it gets decorated all the way around.  You can find the heavy duty revolving ones at Home Depot and Michaels (that is where I got mine...after Christmas a gazillion years ago).
Okay..so there are a couple more small ones...but I am tired, and all I have done is carried down decorations and blogged about it.  So, check back this time next week...and MAYBE I will be finished.


  1. I don't think that you are crazy or weird Heather. When you go to all the work of decorating, you might as well leave it up and enjoy it longer, especially if it is cold out, or snowing! I leave my decorations up to the 15th of January, the tree doesn't last that long because it's real. I can't talk them into a fake tree otherwise it would be up longer. Maybe we are both nuts, LOL, Marilyn

  2. They are ALL absolutely beautiful. My Mom has had at least two trees for the past several years; so this doesn't surprise me.

  3. Whew! That's alot of decorating to do, Heather! But I'm sure they will be gorgeous .. Have fun!

  4. Heather, all of your trees are beautiful. I don't even have one up yet. I really like the pink one.

  5. Hey Heather! They did a news story about a lady that had 10 trees in her house. They were not as gorgeous as yours!! She said that while it seemed that she had run out of room, there were still the bathrooms...she still could stick in a few more small ones. So there is still room for potentially more small trees!! LOL
    Hugs, MB


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