Thursday, December 08, 2011

Heather's First Tree of Christmas and Bella Creations Card Challenge

Hello Friends!!  
I have finally gotten around to doing a little tree decorating! Today I have my First Tree of Christmas :0).  It is kind of like a Tim Tag, on steriods...LOL.  I am going to start off with my favorite little 5ft tree.  It's home is in the dining room, nuzzled in a corner.
Here it is before
Today I had to add a new light strand.  The bottom one had burnt out.  Here are some pictures of it now.
I have many antique ornaments on this tree that I have collected over the years.  This tree is my favorite.  Probably because it is small, but packs a lot of beauty!
That little gold ribbon fan that is on the right was made by my father.  Can you imagine a Retired tool and die maker making these delicate fans?  Not that my dad is not creative, bur normally he is building arrows (for target shoot only) or wood things.  Not dainty Christmas ribbon fans...LOL.  So you may see them through out my trees.
Here is a full shot.  I still need to add some ornaments to the bottom that are bigger...just got to find the box that has them in it.

Let's take a break from trees shall
This month at Bella Creations I am hosting the Card Challenge.  I have designed a Sketch for inspiraton!
It is up to you to what colors and theme you would like to use this month.  I thought it might be fun to show it turned as well.
Why don't you come and join my group...and create something fun!!
Hugs...and I hope you enjoy my first tree, and card sketches.Photobucket


  1. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love your decorated tree! Very pretty! Great job on the fans Dad!

  3. Oh Heather, it's beautiful!

  4. The great tree adventure has begun! Great fun there must be a story to getting dad making ribbon fans!! Hugs,


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