Thursday, April 03, 2014

My First Artistic Adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hello Friends!!
I am not sure if I mentioned it lately or not...I know I have somewhere...but not sure if I did in a blog post :0) Dear Sweet Mother has really been wanting me to get BACK into painting.
I have heard many of times....I love your Papercrafting...but you don't DO anything with it.  Which is true, I create all my lovely cards and altered tags...and they go in a box...and end up getting
My bff of course tries to motivate me to put them in my etsy shop....omg...that takes time...and then I would have to go to the post
So I have decided to compromise.  I have been currently taking over the dining room (which just looks pretty and is never used my paper crafting and I thought.....hmmmmm I really need to put some of my junk away.  
I went shopping in my attic (you would be amazed at what you can find in my, found this sweet little dresser that I had spray painted black for my boys when they were younger.  It has been sitting around doing NOTHING.  So....I thought...the three draws have three little compartments....that could hold my stuff!
Not a lot of my stuff....but a
Now of course in true "Heather" form, I had to go shopping to get some paint, and I found all kinds of beautiful things on pinterest that had been painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
So I Googled it, and found this sweet little store 45min from my house.
I was in her shop for around 30 min.  Normally I would have stayed longer, but it was getting close to rush hour...and my 45 min ride home would soon be a 2 hour ride home....and I had to pick up the kiddos from Tennis and Track.
Here is what I purchased.
I couldn't decide which blue/turquoise color I I purchased both Duck Egg and Provence.  I also purchased Cream and Old White as well as both the Dark and Clear wax.  Brushes and soap too :0)
You know I would of bought more....but then there is this story....for another day.  In short, I thought I would do some surgery on one of my friends cars...sweet right??
Felt sooo bad...I just gave him $1000 to get it fixed...didn't want him to have to report it to his insurance or anything...and I may even get some Cha Ching back!!  So my fun money account took a little of like his car :0)
(in my defense there was a lot going on that morning and it was dark).
So back to the painting.  
I also found this chair and tole tray that I had painted orange 
(I was going to paint a witch etc for Halloween on it....).

The Chair
The Tray
Now just so you garage is a mess...and it is RAINING outside..and chilly...but I just had to start painting.
So here is one coat of Provence on everything.
One coat took 11 min on my little dresser.
One coat on the chair took 15 min.
Here is the back.
I decided to paint the tray, put a second coat on the chair and dresser...14 minutes....Once the tray dries...I will add another coat.  Things are drying a bit slow due to the weather!!

So what to do...what to
I will fall back into the typical Heather and just throw on my quick and dirty roses...with some leaves....Mr. Snuggles was really into painting today :0) some quick buds... some quick...shading on the little rose buds and roses.
Now add some green to the rosebuds
Shade on the rose buds and little leaves
Line work
At this point I sent photos to my mom...who proceeded to tell me....I needed to take more time and paint better is not into my quick and dirty roses and sometimes I just want something done :0)...I went ahead and added some that if I goofed...I could wipe things down and redo the I have to wait for that to dry...and now I remember why I stopped patience....NONE!!
So...I went ahead and finished the sides and top with some  I guess I will give you a little peek of what that looks like....but you will have to wait till my next post to see it finished :0)  So...I can get some better photos!!  Too dark!
Of course...I have 8 of every kind of glass knob...but not never thought about needing I will have to visit my local antique shop and hope the gal has some more of the same knobs...
I sure did have fun...and I didn't even make that much of a mess...even though I am doing this in my family room :0)
Until next time....
Thank you for visiting!!


  1. Fabby, fabby...can't wait to see the finished product!
    BOLB Hugs!

  2. OMG, I nearly wet my pants at the thought of you charging HIM for the 'makeover' on his car! LOLOL!! But seriously, the little dresser is shaping up beautifully. You put all that paint on all those pieces in what, less than an hour? Would have taken me all day just to get the first coat on the dresser alone. I want to watch you in action someday. And I can't WAIT to see the finished dresser! So don't buy a 9th matching knob, make the middle one completely different from the other 8! Hugs!

  3. Glad to hear your are getting back into painting. I need to do that too. I finally got new glasses as I was having trouble with detail work last Dec. when I tried to paint ornaments. I have a gigantic stash of stuff in the basement to paint. But first I need to spend about a week cleaning just to get to everything. For those who are viewing the blog-her roses are GORGEOUS! Have 2 roses paintings in my house that everyone raves about and I tell them that it is not me that painted it. Mine are not that good. But I still think your paper crafts are phenomenal and that you should do a book! The British folks would really love your work as their magazines are filled with stuff like yours.

  4. the tole look! Sooooo is the paint worth the price tag because honestly that is what keeps me frm buying...that and I will have to pay for shipping. I was also looking at miss mustard seeds and sweet pickens milk paint.

  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Beautiful little dresser....can't wait to see it when it's done. Maybe you can paint some of those roses on Kenny's car to distract from the dent lol. Huggs and love from your BFF : )

  6. What an amazing the handpainted rose accents.

  7. I love Ginny's idea! Done right, no one will notice that dent! LOL
    BOLB Hugs!

  8. Wow, you are busy! I'll be following along to watch your progress. Happy Easter!


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