Sunday, March 06, 2011

"JING" the program I use for Tutorials

I use a lot of "Free Online Programs"
is the name of the program I use to create my tutorials.
I am sure there are fancier ones...but this works for me.
Use the link above and download it.
It has easy to follow directions.
I did do a little tutorial of my buddy Helene's blog below for fun.
Here is a link to her blog...she has some Fab music playing RIGHT NOW!  
2amscrapper (Helene)

Thanks for visiting!
Have a great night!  
I know one scrapper that will be up at 2am.


  1. LOL! You brought a smile to my face when I read this post!

  2. So that is how you do the tuts! THX for sharing...I will stick to basic blogging for now but keep this in mind! xoxo


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