Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working on a New Blog Background

Here is a small piece of my new blog background.  Yay!  I just love the texture of it.

My Blog background was created using images I downloaded and 
edited from Karen the

Hi Everyone!
I decided the other day that I was tired of my blog background.
So I decided to create a new background using images that I
downloaded from the Graphic Fairy.  
I took the images and using GIMP, I did some editing and placed the images where I wanted them on my background.
After a lot of reading I finally figured out how to make the background.  Of course I used GIMP because it is free.  I still need to create a few images for my blog header next week...I should be good to go!
So please bear with I will have to either change my background again so that you can read my older posts, 
or....I will have to go back and change the color of the text on my older posts.
I am guessing that I will change the color of my background yet  I will have to say, I have had fun.
Here are some of the images I used from Karen for my background.
I used Gimp to edit out that little sweet bluebird to the left of the word Album and one of the white flowers.
This is the free image from Karen's blog background images.  I just used the roses.
I used the leaves from this image.
The pink background of my blog was created just with pink
paint, and using a "canvas" filter.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. You are talented and creative, Heather....looking great!

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Wow! I am in love with the new look on your blog! Gorgeous!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Your blog background is really beautiful. I wish I could do that. Lovely work and it is inspiring.


  4. It is just beautiful!


Thanks for Visiting my blog today! Hope you found some inspiration...Have a great day! Hugs....Heather