Saturday, November 15, 2014

Those that Inspire

Hello there Peeps!!
A couple weeks ago, I was chatting with Rebecca Deeprose,  from Paper Primrose and she asked if I would participate in a chain of inspiring card makers.  I was soooo excited....because I just love everything that Rebecca creates and I find her so inspiring!  
So much so....that she is Guest Designing in the 
My Artistic Adventures Challenge tomorrow!
(who knows what may happen in Jan...wink wink).
I am soooo excited...I can't wait to see what she creates!
Did you know that she works for CASA, and is a special advocate for children in protective care.  I can only imagine what she must see and have to deal with....what a fabby lady!!  I think if we ever met in real life we would have a lot more than crafting in common :0)
I just love everything that Rebecca creates.  She designs for some of my favorite Challenge blogs...her being my favorite designer.  You can find her lovely creations in the Shabbytearoom, Vintage Udfording, Sugar Creek Hollow and Frilly & Funkie.  Make sure you stop by her blog, you will love her style!
By the way she has a LOVELY post today!! on to the questions....

1.  What am I working on right now?
Well those of you who follow me regularly know that I took the summer off from crafting (first part of fall  I will have to say things were busy.  I spent lots of time volunteering with both of my sons's Scout Troop and Tennis Teams.  I LOVE to create...but spending time with my boys and their friends comes first.  I just got back from a Survival Campout with the Scouts this past weekend, went right into finishing up things for the Tennis Banquet that was Tuesday....and I made 8 Cards for Coaches, 30 Pinckney Pirate Tennis Pennants ( which I glued to sheet magnet so they could hang them on their lockers)...and I designed and had made some really SWAG sweatshirts (that is what the boys say

I was very lucky to have a wonderful childhood.  My parents were the ones that always helped ...with what ever I was involved in.  I have many fond memories ....and I am hoping that my boys...and their friends will have wonderful childhood memories too.
So ...I am finally back to crafting.  
 Right now...I am working on collage sheets 
and my
I currently have a $50 give away going on.  
I really need to clean my is a disaster...which is something that I seem to say all the time :0)

2.  How does my work differ from other's of my genre?

Well...I have always been kind of weird when it comes to creating.  I like to design all of my own papers.  Creating collage sheets and creating hybrid projects is something I really enjoy.  I love the vintage and shabby chic style.  I love LOOSE well as Ribbons and trims...especially green like to think that when it comes to creating...I tend to have

3.  Why do I create what I do? to think about that one.  I tend to create what ever ideas float into my  I actually enjoy the process...gets my mind off of work and other real life stressors...I just find creating to be relaxing.  Once I am done with a pretty much just goes into a box...and sits my mom comes over and takes it.  I have not had any luck in selling finished items...because I have always been more of a ...if someone really loves something of mine...they can just have  So when peeps come by...they can usually leave with

4.  How does your creative process work?  
I am a VERY LAST MINUTE Creator.  If I don't have a deadline...I would probably get nothing  As an example...for my RRR blog hop post...I did my projects the evening before.  I tend to be that way with all of my DT work.  Last minute.  That is when my creative juices come alive.  I really wish I could do things in advance...but that just doesn't  I also tend to be a very messy creator.  As my husband says...I don't need a Craft need a couple houses :0).  

Now I am to post about someone who inspires me :0)
It is kind of funny because I find inspiration in different kinds of places.
Christie Repasy
I LOVE roses...and those who know me in real life know that for the last 20 years on and off I love to paint roses....or at least  Sometimes they look okay...other times not so much.  
But is a link to Christie Repasy's Pinterest Page.  I tend to find inspiration to create more from colors...and paintings.  Kind of weird I know...but that is how things fly here at the Hudson house.
I am hoping to someday paint roses like hers.  I unfortunately lack we shall see.  Everything of Christy's makes me go...OOOhhhh....I just love it all!!

Candy Cowell
Candy always creates beautiful pieces!  One of the things I admire the most about Candy, is that she uses all kinds of techniques and is willing to share them on her blog.   I don't get out in blog land all that much between work and when I do, I appreciate going somewhere where I know I can see new techniques and products that are out there....besides paper.  I am always looking for fun new ideas...and know Candy will have them.

Kind of wordy post today....and not many
Hope you all have a great day...and thank you for visiting!!


  1. Always fun to find out more about your favorite artists. xxD

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words Heather. Thank you also for passing the admiration and inspiration around!! It's such fun (and more inspiration) getting to hear about your life and artistic process! ((hugs)) Rebecca


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