Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get rid of the WHITE highlight behind your text

Hello Friends!!
Happy Sunday!!

This is just a quick post to say Hello...and share with you a problem I have been having in blogger.  Blogger is aware of the problem and working on it.  But I thought maybe some of you could benefit from how I am currently getting around the problem.  

It seems that once in a while, I will have WHITE highlighted areas behind my text.  It is is random.  I normally don't copy and paste, but somehow it shows up.  So one way to avoid this is to use the FIREFOX browser the other is to check your HTML.  That may sound a little scary to us non techy ones, but here is a video below showing how to fix it easy peasy.  


  1. Thanks Heather for the info, I get this every once in a while and thought it was something I was messing up not blogger. This will help so much. You are such a great help with the technical stuff.
    Hope you have had a great week.

  2. Hi Fellow Blogspot Blogger. Thanks for sharing your how-to for getting rid of the white background/white highlighting. It's very annoying. I experience it all the time since I'm copying/pasting fonts from Word. Your video was informative and detailed. Thanks for taking the time to do it and caring enough. God Bless

  3. Thank you SOOO much!!


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