Saturday, March 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader :0( Hello Feedly Reader Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
This is my second post for the day.  You don't want to miss my
Sugar Creek Hollow post from earlier today.

We have all heard now that Google Reader will be going away, so I thought I would show you what I did to make sure that I continue to find the blogs that I follow :0).
Here is a link to where you will want to visit below.
The page will look similar to the one below.
This is what I did next.  I chose to Connect to Google Reader.  It asked me if it could use my information (something like that), which I allowed.
This is what shows up next.  It shows up as a list.  I decided to click on "Organize."
This is what you will see next.  All the blogs listed under their categories I created in Google Reader.  Then I decided to click on "Preferences."
This is what the Preferences page looks like.  I chose the "Full Articles" and then chose "Today."
Here is what you get :0)  Reminds me a lot of Google Reader.  You will get the featured articles across the top, and then a list of the blogs with an image to the left (my first couple blogs listed didn't have photos...but if you were to scroll down..there were photos).    Just like Google Reader, you can extend or collapse your lists on the left.
Here is what it looks like when you select one of the blogs...I will Visit Sandi's blog as an example.  If you click on the Post Title, it will take you to Sandi's blog.
I clicked on the title and was taken to Sandi's blog!  Wooo Hooo!  Oh...and Don't forget to check out her "Christmas in the Bank" challenge!!
Super Easy Peasy for me to switch over.  So hopefully you will find this helpful, and be able to make the switch with ease.

Thank you for visiting!!


  1. Hi Heather, thanks, I too am using Feedly. Have you tried Bloglovin and how does it compare? Also have you found a way to tag new blogs to follow like the subscribe button in Google Reader? ~Diane

  2. I tried Pulse and now am waiting to undo it. Feedly wants to load software into Firefox.

  3. Thanks so much for the tut. I think it work correctly right away. Good teaher!


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