Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My New Truck :0)

Hello Friends!!
Happy Tuesday!!
I will have to admit it feels really weird not creating projects all the time to do blog posts....It has been a whole week and a day since I posted last....oh my!!
I have been busy, cleaning out my garage and working on my flower beds, which both were a BIG mess.  So you can fully understand, I want you to think of anyone you know who is a creative person...but is a big mess....then multiply that mess by say...5 or 6...then you have me :0).
Good news...I have taken the summer off of some of my crafting to do some much needed cleaning and finishing things around the house.  I have made GREAT progress on my garage!!  My mom says she still won't believe it till she sees it...lol.
So...the reason I have been cleaning out the garage is because I bought myself a NEW TRUCK!!  Wooo Hooo!!
It took 3 weeks and it came in last night!
Here is is...It is sooo Pretty...(and useful..lol).
I will have to say...I LOVE it!!
I love the white with the chrome accents...and the of course the twin tailpipes....sweet :0)
Last night the family went to the Olive Garden to celebrate.  We had a blast and my oldest was happy because there was plenty of head and leg room for him.  My Youngest had to goof around and get in the back right off the bat...and of course do some push ups....lol.  They are kind of weird like that...nothing like walking out of the Olive Garden (of course I parked far out so I would have an easy time pulling through the spot...lol)....and seeing both of your sons doing push ups in the parking lot next to your truck.  Craziness....especially when they go into can you do this mom?  LOL.  Um...no thank you :0)  So after they each did their 20+ pushups they got in the truck (thank goodness no one was around...lol).
Here is a look at the front.
When we went to pick up my truck I was happy to see there was a spot on the front for a vanity plate :0)  I am a super Americana Gal!!  This vanity plate was on my Pacifica, my youngest took it off and washed it up for me..and then placed it on my truck :0).  One of my best Painting Friends Marybeth, her hubby Mike gave me this a LONG LONG time ago.  I am thinking of painting myself a new one...similar...but with some roses of course :0)...lol.
My hubby had a Chrysler 300M that we gave to our friends Debbie and Rex.  Debbie and I did a TON of PTO stuff and Teacher Helper stuff together through out our kiddos being in elementary school.  We had some GREAT times.  Of course she was there a little longer than me because she had a pile of kids...lol.  I will tell you that if you need anything for a school DEBBIE will get it...and at a price that will make you go...
Here she is with my Pacifica :0)
Her hubby Rex...is a mechanic genius!!  Always able to help  me out when I needed it.  Did I mention when they took the 300M it had a little over 200,000 miles on it.  It now has.....312,000!! No major repairs have had to be made!!  How cool is that??  Nothing makes you feel better than knowing that someone else is going to take your vehicle and keep it going!  Here he is below....straight from work :0)
You won't meet a nicer more giving couple!  So I am so excited to see howmany more gazillion miles they will get out of it!! The great thing about the pacifica was I got a great deal on it...and it has all kinds of bells and whistles.  Their whole family will be able to fit in the pacifica..and they kiddos will enjoy the DVD player.  So yesterday was an exciting day for all of us!
I will have to tell you I am very lucky in that I have some great friends!!
One of the best things about my new truck...is it comes with it's own 
See..here I am backing out of the garage.
Hmmm...I am thinking what is that back there???
Oh...it is Kenny's car :0)  All safe and sound!!   I noticed when I went to take the kiddos to the bus stop this morning that he had parked even farther away than normal....lol.
I hope you are having a fabby day!!  I have loaded up the back of my truck with a ton of swimming noodles, super soakers, craft goodies, water rafts, and life jackets that I am donating to the local summer camp that my kiddos went to a few years ago.  They have a great lake area...and my kiddos are not interested in them anymore.  I also have a couple of boxes of goodies to take to the salvation army.  Already getting great use out of the truck!
BTW...I will let you know how the gas mileage is soon.  It is supposed to be better than past models.  There is a little eco friendly setting so you can see when you are driving efficiently...super cool.

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  1. Heather Love the new truck.
    But if I were you I would delete the one picture with your plate on it!! No ones business and pictures get passed now days like crazy.
    Just saying, better to be safe than sorry. Have a great day!!

  2. Enjoy the smell of that new vehicle. I highly recomment scotch guarding the seats.

  3. Very pretty! Bet you're having fun with that new toy! Enjoy!
    BOLB Hugs!


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