Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cupcake Shaped Birthday Cards

I have been playing around with the 
Silhouette Studio Program that came with my
 Silhouette SD Digital Cutting machine.
One of the calls over at 
Was for a "Cup Cake" shaped Card 
(or card with a cupcake shape on it)
I used my Silhouette Studio program and the 
Freehand Draw tool to create my Cupcake image.
I submitted my card and am excited to say that is was chosen for 
publication in the February Edition.  
I will post photos of it when the publication is over.
Thanks for visiting!
Oops..just remembered I never posted the it is below
I drew this cupcake using my Silhoutte Studio program.  I used GIMP to paint it.
Here is another with out the candle.This is the envelope below.
The other side
The card
The card opened..I got the idea from a card my mom had been sent..a Christmas card with windows.
The flip side

Thanks for looking..Hugs!!


  1. Singing,(give me a ) "A...W....E!! S...O...M...E!!! Awesome, awesome, yes you are! Heather's an awesome star!" congrats~

  2. Of course your work was chosen!! I know that no other could possibly compare to what you do! Congratulations! Wowie!

  3. WOOHOO! So happy for you! You deserve it, you do some great work! YAY!


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