Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Artistic Adventures

Hello Friends!
I decided to work on a Layout today.
It is a "Who I am Artistically."
You can't get more "Heathery" than this layout.
All stamped images are ones I hand carved.
I used my all time favorite punches...that I feel are very "Versatile."
All of the roses above are images I painted in GIMP.
Then using my SIlhouette SD machine's "Print and Cut' feature
I was able to cut them out.  The Rose to the Left is my 
"Stephanie Rose"...I created it for a mini (sadly have not finished) for a friend with Breast Cancer.  
I have my Vintage looking Tea Cup die cut I created along with a
very "Vintage" feel Rose Border.  This border is actually two pieces, side by side.  I used some Pearls and a Fab paper clip
that I got from my Best Friend's Scrapbook store along with the background paper.  Better get to her store quick..before I buy it all...LOL...I just love it for that "Vintage Feel."
I am happy to say I will be Designing at her store
Here you can see my pull out tags.  If you didn't know...I have a thing for hidden tags..or tags on a page.  I just love being able to pull out items on a page...and "touch" them.  The photos are my sweet boys and DH.  You will see my Artistic time line on the pull out tag.
The time line starts with collecting fabric, tole painting, mosaics, pottery...and of course playing with paper!  
The Rose picture die cut (center top)..was my first painting that I sold on Etsy..of course the original had a blueish grey background...but that didn't match..LOL.
I loved the Dusty Attic's Chipboard piece "Dreamer."  I embossed it   with gold.  At the top you can just make out in this photo my 
"Bella Beauties" and "Swirly Savage" badge's I made.  They represent where I like to play online with my Fabulous New Friends!
I am going through what I call a "Poofy Stage."  I really don't 
like taking pictures of myself.  So today I curled my hair (that doesn't happen often)..and threw on some make up (happens even less than hair rolling)..and took a few photos.  They were icky!
Unfortunately Make up and Curly hair don't cover up 'Poofieness."
So...I play around with Gimp...lol...and cleaned myself up a bit.
Because...in my mind ...that is who I am Artistically.
(LOL...I crack myself up).

I hope this inspires you to create a page about 
"Who you are creatively."

Thanks for Visiting!


  1. You are such a nut, Heather! Love ya~ Great project. I really like how the punching is actually a little pocket. Pretty "Heather" details, like the blk accents too~!

  2. gorgeous Heather......I love all the black accents too and hidden pieces :)

  3. Very pretty....very "Heathery!!!" See ya later today : ) Love ya Millions!!!!!

  4. Hopping over from Bella to become your newest follower :)

  5. Love this Heather!! Lots of talent there!

  6. Great layout to hold dear and see how you have grown in your art over the years! Congrats on the design team gig! Big hugs ~ Lisa

  7. Heather this is really pretty... love all the girlie elements and that list is so cool. I am guessing it is digital? Love it all together.

  8. Heather, this is totally you--shows off all your best features---lots of roses and your fave color palette and all those little layering details.


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