Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cleaning up the Garden

Sorry I have been MIA...Spring is finally here, and I have been cleaning up my flower beds.  Here are some photos of my yard...and believe it or not...I have spent two days cleaning out weeds and dried up leftovers from the fall.
We will start off with in front of my "Living room" (we call it the red room...lol). 
That is a hydrangea next to the steps, I had to cut all the dead blooms off it..and the larger one on the other side of the steps.  I have baptisma  which will bloom in front of this hydrangea and hostas against the house.  Once everything is farther along I will take new photos.

The trellis is just sitting there for the moment...lol.  I decided that since the grass didn't grow very well here..I would create a little courtyard...of flowers.  I will take close ups later..when things are blooming.

There used to be a ton of tall daisy's and tulips here in front of the gargage.  Deer pretty much ate all my bulbs..LOL.  The daisys will grow in later...not as many..but they are still pretty.  Look at that ugly satellite dish thing!  That was the only place on the house we could get a signal due to trees...funny thing we have not had TV in a few years now...so the dish can go.  I will take that out in future posts..lol.
This is my favorite little garden area.  I bought this redbud for my DH a long time ago for father's day.  It will be beautiful in a few days!  I have a bird bath..that I put flower in.  That is the side yard.  Where the kids dig holes...and fill them with water!
I am standing in the same spot in front of the garage, just getting a shot down the driveway.  There are large flowers beds on both sides.  I put these in myself...back when my 13 year old was in 1st grade.  Little did I know..that woody area...attracts birds...which eat and poop out seeds...in my gardens..LOL.  TON of weeds.  I am fixing it.
This is at the end of the driveway, so this is what you see pulling in. See those spaces...Tulips were there once...LOL.  Deer = NO tulips.
That is okay though..I like the deer.
What an unhappy looking mailbox...lol.  I have painted so many for others...and look at mine :-(
There will be obedient plant blooming, and some annuals...so it will look better.  False Geraniums..in pink..will fill in and look Fabulous!
The end of the driveway, leading up to the house.
Lots of work to be done.
This is a photo of the right side of my driveway (as you are driving up to the house) and the farther right side of my yard.  I have another large set of flower beds there.  It goes between our yard...and my neighbors PERFECT (it is always perfect..they are not lazy people...like myself).
This is behind the garage, where my bedroom and bathroom windows are.  We normally have some Cardinals that will nest in the Rose of Sharon tree bushes...the rest has been taken over by ground cover.  Notice that great canoe..and hammock.  Kids play with those..LOL.

Good enough...I got to get to work..and finish!


  1. I bet it will all look so lovely when everything is in bloom! Can't wait to see that!

  2. Lookss very nice Heather.......but dang thats alot of yard to take care of. i dont envy you that!

  3. Looks great so far. Im a big gardner too, so I cant wait to see it in full blomm. Glad I stopped by. I follow u now too. your fello bella, gerri


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