Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintage Christmas Mini Mittens Collage Sheet & Video Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
I just wanted to thank those of you that have purchased my 
Vintage Christmas Mitten Digital Collage Sheet!
So to thank you, I thought I would share my tiny mittens sheet for free with those that have already purchased my sheet.
This is the sheet I used to create my tiny mittens.
Here is what my large mitten and smaller mittens look like if you have not already seen them.
Anyone who purchases my Vintage Christmas Mitten Digital Collage sheet today through Saturday 12am eastern time, will be able to get my tiny mitten sheet for free.  It will be included in the instant download for the cost of just the one sheet.

I also thought I would do a video tutorial showing you how I created my
Mitten ornament.
Sorry, my camera seemed to have a mind of it's the videos seem to follow my hands.  Need to check my camera settings...LOL.
Here is Part one of my tutorial

Here is Part two

If you already purchased my sheet, I will email you the small 
mitten sheet soon!
Thank you for visiting!!

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