Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Printer/Printer Settings/ Paper I use for Collage Sheets

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Below is a video of the type of printer I use, as well as the settings and paper I use when printing out my digital collage sheets.

I did this video because I had someone leave me "2 Stars" on one of my collage sheets.  Stating that the
 "Printing on this was poor and tags were uneven"  
Most sellers on Etsy, including myself would prefer being contacted prior to feedback being left (if you are having a problem) to see if a solution can be worked out.  I would of taken care of the tag issue (which I did), and I would of asked questions to get more information as far as the print being poor.  Unfortunately, I can't control how a print will come I did the video explaining what paper/settings that I use.  

I did send a thank you note to the user, because honestly all feedback whether good or bad, is a gift.  In the past it would of ruined my whole day getting a 2 star rating.  I would of worried that no one would want to buy my collage sheets because of it :0)
It still bugs me, but I've learned that I can't control other people's opinions.  All I can fix the things that are within my control.

Here is the deal, I did take care of what was in my control.  I fixed the tags.  I did do a video letting people know...what printer etc I use...and that the sheet prints fine for me.  I also sent the user a new set of the collage sheet with the crisper tags (as well as anyone else who purchased it...just in case).  
Etsy...actually allows people to go back and edit their feedback that they have left for someone as long as the person who the feeback was left for....doesn't reply to the feedback.  
I had no idea that you could change your feedback...and I try hard to leave feedback...but I'll admit...sometimes it takes me a while :0)

Sorry...if this come across as rude....that was not my intentions.  I just wanted an opportunity to show that I believe that most sellers given the opportunity to fix something....will :0)...they should be given a chance before a low feedback rating is given.
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