Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hall Bath Re-Decorate

Hello Friends...and welcome to my blog!
First off Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!
Today..I am posting something a little different.
Summer is here..which is a time that I normally find I feel like decorating.  Lots of changes to be coming to my house.
I thought I would start off with some photos of my hall bathroom to start.  I will post more things change!!!!  I am linking this up to the                                                 

The DIY Show Off

This is a fun blog...for before and afters!!!  Check it clicking on the image above!!

It has been a while..but this is how my hall bath started out...LOL
One of your own house..and have to move buy a  sink quick!!   My boys...always left it a mess!  They are a little older now...and still leave it a mess...LOL 
(I bet you thought I would say they were not as messy....)
Here is a view of the wall  (left out the toilet in this one).
So...first off I found this great new (used really) vanity on Craigslist...I am all about Ebay and Craigslist..and Yard Sales! My DH drove out and picked this awesome piece up for me.
Here you can see I have repainted (the third time..)..and I will be giving it a new paint job soon..I will be sticking with the same color..just a new coat..and maybe a glaze?
This Fabby light came from Home Depot...clearance!!
The mirror belonged to my Great Aunt..(I am searching for one just a tad bigger...probably already sitting under my bed or in the I am...come and get me...LOL).
Had to get the ladder out to unscrew that bottom one a bit...kept messing with my flash...and those are energy efficient lights...LOL.
Just added crown molding (not me...this cool guy named MIKE)..but I did the floor...
I laid the tile floor (I guess 7 years ago)..I had no idea what I was doing...just thought of it like a quilt...?  I didn't realize that the tile should of been sealed.  So some Iron from our water stained our floor.  It bugged me forever!  I just decided to paint it (not recently..but I did paint it..and will be adding more soon..figured you should see it all).
This is the before shot above. 
In the picture below you can see where someone (no one has fessed up) dropped something and did a hairline crack in the floor.
So..I sealed the floor...LOL..and did some decorative hide things...LOL.
Here is what I used...
I painted free hand some vines.
Here is a shot of the basecoat.
(I have more can send me a message if you want to see them..but..this post is already long..LOL).
Here it is with the shading
It has held up to everything...except for one visitor...who wore his CLEATS in our bathroom.  I didn't realize he had cleats on till too  late..LOL.  So I will fix that up...and post photos soon.
(not this
I think linking up to the DIY blog...just may make me more productive this summer!  You know I love to participate in this is kind of like a challenge..LOL.
Maybe next week I will find some photos of the bathrooms at my kids schools that I painted.


  1. I love everything you did! The vanity is gorgeous and love those vines!

  2. Nice pictures, but prettier in real life : ) Happy Sunday BFF


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