Sunday, June 19, 2011

The DIY Show Off

I thought I would add a bit more to the DIY link up.  You really need to check out this blog..very motivating!
I have been having so much fun with paper crafting..and digi below...I thought I would share some of my other crafting!
Here are a bunch of past projects...that I never blogged about...because I just didn't blog then..:-)
Enjoy the photos!
This was a white rocking chair that my younger son's teacher asked me to paint.  So..I brought my paints to the school..and painted this chair right in the all the kids got to watch.  It was the end of the year...during a party.  I will say..I did a lot of volunteering in the school..and I find that when I walk into the middle school (kids are not much volunteering now)...those kids always remember me...and Say..Mrs. Hudson...remember when you painted ...blah blah blah...LOL.
So..go do something fun with your kids class...and it will get you an "IN"...where they might just think you are cool..when they are older...which is a goooooood thing!
I have a really good friend who I provide respite care for her DD who has Down Syndrome.  My friend is the most giving person I have ever met..and she always see things in  a positive light.
Well..she painted her daughters half a soft blue..and the bottom a match the bed spread her daughter picked out.  She was not happy with the line it left..and couldn't find a boarder she wanted.  I told her...I could just do a vine real quick...and she said...Okay.  It is cute..because I put the
"For a Beautiful Princess" behind the door and my GF's DD  said..."That is my name...Beautiful Princess."  Her mother and I just laughed...because we knew that..LOL.
Here are some more photos.
Her little knick Knack table.
I think you get the idea
A bathroom at the school
The kids chose a fish theme...

a few more
One more..did this while the kids were out at Recess...and at Lunch.
Each class had there own bathroom..which was nice.
The next year...the kids chose a Jungle theme...

  This is supposed to be like a waterfall...This teacher..was really into there are ants..and frogs..and bugs..that the kids wanted to have in it...
I really wanted to redo the is hard to get detail on a non smooth concrete brick surface..but the kids love it.
My favorite was the Bird :-)

On an ending note..and ant hill...with little working ants bringing their leaves home..LOL..they are through out the whole painting...
Okay...I am sure you have had enough!  
Go..and enjoy the rest of your day...and hopefully you learned something new about me today!



  1. Oh my! You are an artiste extraordinaire! Love what you've done! Keep sharing!

  2. Dang girl! I am going to have to get over there soon so some of that talent rub off on me! Love what you did!

  3. Wow, love your wall art, Heather! I painted a mural on my dd's bedroom wall....I will have to blog about it. I used her bedspread as my inspiration, and even let her help by dipping her fingertip in red and making tiny dots that I transformed into ladybugs! I painted it when she was in elem. school, and she still likes it and won't let me paint over it! lol

  4. Wow, Heather! Beautiful! Thank you so much for the shout out. ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!!!

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. What absolutely adorable DIY prjects! Well done.

    I hope that you will stop by and enter my giveaway.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Heather, you are one very talented painter. I was going to say how much I liked the cat. Strange how people see things differently. In college, we girls were allowed to paint the hall like that if we wanted to. Each year, we all mae big plans. However, everything had to be finished by a certain date, and well, college girls can be lazy. Therefore, we never started. I bet painting those murals was fun though!


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