Friday, January 31, 2014

Sharing a Recent Etsy Find & Gift from my Mother

Hello Friends!!
I hope you are having a fabulous day!
I am doing something a little different today.
I thought I would share a video of a recent Etsy find of mine and a gift from my mother.
So enjoy my short post today with a video.

I just threw together some photos of things that give me happy warm feelings and made my new 
"Beautiful Finds Youtube Banner"

Thank you for visiting!!


  1. A shame I can´t do vieo, cause it´s actually so simple and very very easy to do. It´s first sewn together with buttonholestitches, and then they´ve just crochetted into the stitches with solid masks into these stitches and for the bows they´ve used some rod masks, but it´s a bit difficult for me to explain in English, as I´m not quite sure it´s the right names for these masks, but if you can get someone who´s used to crochet to show you the 2 most used masktypes, then I can easily explain this to you. Hope you´ll find out to make them, as it´s really easy and I totally agree, they are absolutely stunning.

  2. Oh my dear Heather. Your video was a true "LittleTreasure". Just love the items you have shared with us. I sent you an grandmother use to make little baskets out of greeting cards that look very similar. You'll have fun with this once you find the info. Once again a great AM coffee break for me, plus we have no wind and some sunshine today !

  3. How precious and darling these boxes are!! Thank you for sharing them, they do look easy to assemble with just basic crochet stitches!

  4. Wow, those boxes are wonderful! Love them..been a while since I'd seen anything like that!
    BOLB Hugs!

  5. Hello- I've never seen these type boxes, but I will keep an eye open for them for you because we have lots of antique shops nearby and it seems they might have something like this. Your painting book looks like it has great inspiration for you- nice of your mom to pick it up for your birthday :)

  6. This was a fun video-thanks for sharing! Why don't you contact Cheryl-the gal that you purchased the box from Etsy. Did she make her box? Maybe she would be willing to share the technique since you purchased from her.


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