Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mini Calendar Journal and Regular Size Journal

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing a video with you of the Calendar Jounrals that my BOLB (Bestest On-line Buddy), Created using some of my New Calendar Journal Digital Collage Kit.

You will want to visit her Blog to see all the photos!

(it is so stinking cute...I LOVE it)

She sent me her video last night....and that is when I thought.....OH.....Now I got to go and finish I had just got home from work....and it was hopefully sometime soon I will get to play with the the one photo above her printer was acting up...and she had some goof she used dies on them...and that is how she got the pockets up in the photo above the video...and I LOVE them!!
Thank you Carol for playing and doing a video!

Thank you to my followers for taking the time to stop by...and for visiting my BOLB's Blog!

Funny thing is I have been referring to Carol as my BOLB since I can remember....we met online a long time ago.  I even did a blog post explaining the whole "BOLB" thing...but at the moment I can't find it (that is why you should label your posts heather...but nope you don't).  But here is a quote about her from way back

"Next there is my BOLB (Best on line Buddie)
Carol really cheers me on in all my endeavors!
When I started doing videos teaching others how to use GIMP, she always watched, and would leave comments!  Nothing makes me feel better than when I have taught someone something new, and they are so excited!! 
Carol has thanked me in so many ways!
Makes my heart smile!  

When ever I create collage sheets, she is always the first to tell me how awesome they are!  Not only that, she is my Queen of advertising...and I don't even have to ask..."

I still feel the same way today!  
(even though we don't blog as much as we used I am sure she will be able to find my BOLB explanation post...cause she is awesome like that).

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  1. Well, maybe I'm not that awesome, I did not find that BOLB explanation post, but it was fun to go back and look at some oldies but goodies! Layouts! We haven't done much of those in a while! All the yummy cards, tags, your painted pieces and altered goodies as well as all of your wonderful collage sets! The good old days...LOL
    Thanks for sharing my posts!
    You're the bestest!


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