Thursday, January 05, 2017

Throw Back Vintage Valentine's Day Post It Note Holder Valentines and Tutorial

Hello Friends!
Below I have a couple Valentine's Day Post it Notes that I created a while back that I would like to share as well as a tutorial.
I have the original post links at the bottom so you can view them to get all the details of the glitters etc I used.  


Victorian Vintage Valentine's Day Shabby Images  Digital Collage sheet Printable
Here is one that I did using the Valentine's Day Banner Set I shared Yesterday.

This one is super easy below...but still cute!

Here is a link to my Youtube Tutorial of how to Create the Basic Post It Note Holder   Sometimes the email version doesn't do the embeded I figured I would have both a link to the video...and the video. 
Here is a link to the original blog posts that I did back in 2013.  

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