Monday, April 04, 2011

Easter Blessing for my Paper Peeps!

I designed my Easter Blessings image using some of my favorite images from Karen the Graphics Fairy.
I created it using some of the images below.
I used Gimp to create an .xcf file with layers.  I removed the lettering from the little note in the chic's beak, and decided I just wanted to use the larger chic.  Reminds me of myself...this chic...LOL.
I used Gimp again, to chose just one of the eggs.
Here is my Easter Blessing for my Paper Peeps!  I plan on making a card or something...not quite sure yet with it, later today.  I have to get some cleaning I can feel productive.  So check back this evening for the finished project...but enjoy the digital one for now. 
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  1. Love it from the BFF Peep! Or does that make me BPF? Or BFP? : ) Hope you are having a wonderful first day of Spring Break. I'm trying to call you...pick up!!!! It's about Karen.

  2. Heather you are so talented, I want to be like you whenI grow up...........LOL Love your images, super cute.

  3. This is wonderful. Don't you just LOVE The Graphics Fairy! I will have to tell my daughter about Gimp...thank you for sharing that.

    Hello! I'm stopping by via the Graphics Fairy Blog. I am your newest follower. Please stop by to visit us and would love it if you followed us, too.

  4. That's so cute! I love it!


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