Friday, April 29, 2011

Swirlydoos Sketch Challenge

Here is the fabulous sketch from Swirlydoos for the month of April.
Look at that....4 spots for photos...LOL.  The photos are what I have the problem with.  I really need to learn how to take better photos!  I ended up flipping it vertically.
The papers are from the Gabrielle Bo Bunny Collection.
The photos are of my Mother and Mother in Law last Mother's day.
The small round photos are of the cake I made.  
I ended up painting the letter stickers that came in the kit, so they would fit well with my Dusty Attic pieces that I altered.
Here you can see some of the details of the dusty attic and the stamping I did on my bg.
The flower stamp is one I drew out and hand carved.  Here is a close up of the upper right. 
I remember that I had used my 40% off coupon at JoAnns to purchase a cake decorating kit.  I decided I was going to create a Mother's Day Cake covered with Roses.  Considering I had never decorated a cake, or made roses looked pretty fabulous!  Everything except the  I only had  few food coloring pastes..and they were pink and green.  Kind of bright.  The cake looks much better in Sepia tones...but here it is all nice and  Maybe the colors...will BRIGHTON your day.
I will say one did taste great!
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  1. Great lay out and take on the sketch Heather! Love your work as always!

  2. Beautiful layout! Love what you did with the sketch.
    Your cake looks yummy! I have tried those roses many times with no success, I'm jealous that your came out so well the first time!

  3. That is super beautiful! Hopefully this comment will go through...the last few have been blocked by some kind of blogger error. Yikes!!! You know me and technology : ) I love that cake too....just wondering where my piece went???? Did you remember to hide it where Kenny can't find it? LOL Hugs to you BFF :P


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