Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun with Spray Paint

"Boys having fun with Spray Paint"
Over at Bellas this month they are having the "April Tres Chic" challenge.
The rules are: Black, silver, turquoise and white for the color scheme.
(I did follow this rule)
You need a Token, Butterfly, Garter, Flower and some Cardboard.
(I used a dragon fly, gears and a shoe lace...because my boys protest)
Here is my page!
 Now that page says "Grunge and Boy" at the same time!
So if you feel like seeing this in some stages...then just keep reading.
Upcycle of a box!  Yay!  Two pieces.
Used the Fabulous Distrez tool to make a mess in my basement..and make the edges super kewl!  Used My Crop O Dile big bite to punch holes, and just tore off some of the top layer of cardboard.
Spritzed with Ranger Perfect pearls mist in Turquoise and Heirloom Gold...which looks not so
Used an 1 inch angle brush to shade around the edges in spice brown by Delta Ceramcoat.  
Shaded again with Black Green.  Not sure why I did all this...because it all pretty much gets covered  I never know quite what I will good thing it is the "Process of creating" that I find relaxing vs my finished piece.
Here are some close ups:
I used Cardboard to create my "Boys" tiles.  Inked with Walnut by ranger and written with a bold tip Creative Memories marker..and covered in UTEE.  Ranger Gear die with black card stock..spritzed with Turquoise perfect pearls mist and covered in UTEE.  I did this for all the Fabulous Dusty Attic Chippies.  I just used a long piece and cut it up..and used it all over.  
I created flowers using the Gears.  I used stickles in silver on the shoelace as well as Tulip brand fabric paint (I have at least 50 or 60 of these..and they are not much different).  The Star on the photo..and the other stars are all cut out of dryer sheets.  Spritzed with PPM in turquoise and Utee.  
You can see the Fiskars punch I used here, and some of the dragon flies and well as a large Fabric sheet star and gear flower.
More lettering done on cardboard.  You can see the lacing and grommets that I used her to hold the two pieces of cardboard together.  The silver gears are black card stock with silver embossing powder.  
I printed out all the photos on white card stock, matted with turquoise and then black cardstock (each layer distressed).
Here are the images I used did not let my boys spray paint the garage or the
I used my son's favorite "Epic Smiley Face" which he draws on EVERYTHING!  Epic is an "Epic" word don't you know..LOL.
This is all I could get out of my older son.  He didn't want to play along.  I will take what I can get!  I used his favorite game...being World of Warcraft for those of you who don't know what "WOW' stands
I used GIMP to create a brush to look as if the paint came from a spray can.
Here is the fabulous image from the Graphics fairy that I adapted for my layout.
I just took out the sweet little guy, and fixed the wings so yo couldn't tell.
Well...that should about cover it.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my LONG
Have a great day!


  1. What an "epic" project! Loved reading the details as to how you created it.

  2. I love it! You grunge well! Love the gear flowers, dryer sheet stars and the title tiles you made! Love the pic's of the boys "art work" too!

  3. thanks for sharing how you made this...makes me appreciatre it even process, fun details!

  4. This is cool. I'm gonna show my boyz and tell them you let your boyz spray paint your garage. Tee Hee. Lot's of detail here missy!!! I can't find the roses on it though...wondering if you need medical attention or something...just know I luv ya!!!!!

  5. Wonderful piece. Just love the attitude with all that spray paint and dimensional stuff. Love the words too.Glad you found me fellow Bella! take care, gerri

  6. Heather what an awesome project........loved seeing everything that you did to create it, its a WOWSERS from me!


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