Friday, November 03, 2017

Gingerbread Lane Digital Collage Sneaky Peak

Hello there Gingerbread Snaps!
It's a crispy day here in Michigan..and I am all bundled up and playing on my computer in the basement
(well....last night
I had a Very Special Customer *~DeBbiE~*ask me to create something with Gingerbread men...and vintage candy.
Here it is...Yay!

LOL...I'm just kidding...those are just the unaltered images that I was able to find.  But..some peeps would be happy with these images as I figured I would take the time to resize them and put them all on one sheet for they are easier to cut out and use.  I did alter the one in the lower left...I took out the word "Grandma" that was right under "Merry Christmas" so that you could use it in all of your Christmas creations.  So you are getting the set for $1 to cover the cost of my time of finding the images, resizing them, putting them all on one sheet and my Etsy listing and final value fees.
Now...Below is a Sneaky Peak for *~DeBbiE~* and all the other
Retro Gingerbread and Candy lovers...of what I am doing with the above Gingerbread set...OMG....I am Swooning over how these are turning out!

Let me just bore you a little bit with my crazy creative madness.
So...if you look at the two will see...I had to remove the background...and I fixed a few places...and I added all kinds of wonderful goodness..I can't even begin to tell you how many layers there are in the background...because it started out just cream..and I created the edges of the red/green stripe...individually placed all those sickly sweet little candies (which I may add that I was devouring some Halloween candy while working on this image).
There is just something about creating...relaxes me...and obviously I don't mind spending my home (after working a 12 hour shift) 
free time creating...creating messes....creating collage sheets...spending tons of time with the Boy Scouts ...ahhh....
Life is GREAT!

Well...thanks for listing to me Ramble on...
Feel free to ramble on in my comment section below..if you leave a comment...I will visit your blog and comment back


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  1. I LOVE the ginger guys! First, you work 12 hour shifts!?! Yikes!
    And second, that is a lot of work you do to make them so adorable! I don't have a clue with computer things but I do find it interesting to know what you have to do to make them special. I can not wait to see all the fun stuff you have made with them!!


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