Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Progress on my Shabby Chic Christmas Advent Calendar

Hello Friends!
I am home and have recovered from another extremely fun camping trip with our local Boy Scout Troop.
Yes...we earned our Polar Bear Patch...the first night it got down to 20 degrees...chilllllyyyyy.
But...like we tell the boys...there isn't bad weather...it's bad clothing choices...lol.  So I was prepared...and warm.
Here are some of the youth below.  This is what we call our survivor weekend.  They LOVE LOVE this weekend.
They were given bacon, non baked cresent rolls and eggs...and a can...to cook over the fire.  They come up with their own ways to cook...and have a blast...lol
Here is the progress I have made on my 
Christmas Advent Calendar.
Added some pink....

 Sorry this one is blurry....but I am just snapping photos as I go with my phone...pink added to the top.
Here is a close up of the bottom... did a little shading.
Added some green....
Close up of the bottom
This is of course when things start to become fun...because you can kind of see where you are going with your piece.
Adding some shading...

Here you can see the top and part of the bottom
Here is one of the sides
Add some more color....
Add a little more Color...
A little more color....
Let this dry...and play with the background a bit...
I think that is enough photos for one post :0)
I will share some more later :0)
Thank you for visiting!!

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  1. HI Heather-That is very, very cold...especially for me a southern Cali girl! 60 is very cold to me, lol.
    Oh Heather your countdown chest is beautiful! You have gotten a lot done. Can't wait to see it finished. It will feel good too to have such a big project done.


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