Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday....Lets Stroll through some past Christmas photos...

Today is my Dad's birthday.  We will be spending the day with my parents, brother...and nephews.  I thought I would put some photos on here of some of my past Christmas trees.
This is one of my favorite trees.  I had it set up in the foyer. This year it will be in another corner of the foyer...because I have a desk there now (free of course...because my friends know I am crazy that way...and can't turn away a desk...or dresser)!  
This tree was one of my oldest trees.  You had to put all the branches in (but at least they were pre-lit).  It was beautiful!  But it was a lot of work for my DH.  Always having to replace bulbs in one set of lights.  I ended up taking those lights out and putting a new strand in...and then donated the tree to a friend...who had a friend...who's family needed a tree.  I am sure it is happy in it's new home.  I ended up buying a really primitive will see it when I get it decorated.  You can see through it...where this tree was really full.  This tree is in what we call our "Red"  I believe it is a living room..but I painted it "Banner Red"...and everyone refers to it as the "Red room" that name stuck.  This window looks out the back of our home.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday...with your family!


  1. WOW gorgeous trees Heather

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  3. Beautiful trees Heather

  4. I have seen Heather's trees in person, and believe me, they are GORGEOUS!!! They are each individual and look like something you would find decorated in the very high end store windows!! Her artistry comes through in everything she does...ok maybe not housework, because there is nothing artistic that can make housework unique.

  5. Oops...sorry lali...I accidentally published your comment twice...didn't realize that it would show "Comment Deleted" Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Marybeth.....You know I LOVE you! Love that housework true...I am trying to figure out what I should be cleaning...right now...and just can't seem to do it.


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