Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday...What to do first? Butterfly Mini

Happy Sunday!
I just couldn't decide what to work on first today.  
So here is a sneak peak at what I am starting on today.
I am starting out with the resist papers from my Swirlydoos kit.
I used my Silhouette SD "RoboMaster" program to design a tiny Butterfly book.  I kind of goofed on my first resist I am hoping to fix it with this book (don't want to waste my papers).
I used my "Cinch" tool to punch holes into my tiny butterfly book, you can see this below.
This is the tiny book closed...
below is how it will look opened.
I used Ranger Distress inks to color the resist paper...and other paper from my Swirlydoos kit,  Worn lipstick, peeled paint, tumbled glass and of course vintage photo.  This is how they look now (I was able to fix my previous ink
 Because this was paper, I glued two pieces that it would be more stable.  The other side of the pages are shown below.
Of course I had to stamp all the edges...because that is just part of my style.  This time I used a stamp I bought...because I wanted and airy feel to it (Once I read my Teresa Collins stamp maker directions, I will make my own airy stamp).  
This time I used Al A Mode dye ink in black for the stamping as seen below.
I did stamp both here are the other sides below.
I also cut out some butterfly shapes (I bought a set from the Silhouette store).  I used black card stock, and used Ranger's Big and Bossy embossing ink...and embossed with Gold Tinsel by 
Stamp -n-stuff.  See below.
I am thinking now of binding the book...thinking....then doing the decorating....I think I recall last time I did the binding...I thought I should of bound it first, then decorate. 
So most of the day has passed and I have been playing with these pages.  Here are the pieces I am thinking of using on the cover below.
 I did decide to go ahead and bind this book, but...I only had 1" coils.  Unfortunately..I like to scrap "Chunky"..I only have 2 pages done...and it is going to be too thick.  Tomorrow...I will head out to get Larger rings.
Here is the cover ...and how it looks right now.  Very "Vintage Chic" which I love.
Here it is from the you can see that I need bigger rings.  Hopefully I can find some darker ones...but I will be tying it with all kind of ribbon anyways...LOL.
Check back tomorrow night...and maybe I will have some updated photos! I ended up taking the binding off....because it wasn't going to be big enough.  I decided to work on the pages off the rings.  Below is the back of the Cover
A couple close ups below
I ended up using an exacto blade and just cutting out some leaf shapes out of the resist paper.  They are tucked in the lower left...and one in the upper right.
This was a new type of snapdragon that I bought from Bordine's Nursery this year.  I alway have tall pink, white and red snapdragons...with blue salvia.  Beautiful combination.  I took these pictures of my last blooms for a challenge of Manda's over at Swirlydoos.  It was supposed to be garden shots...but I just stuck to what was actually not dead looking!
Here are two pages together.
It is a tiny half sheet.  I used my pp from my Swirldoos kit..and didn't have much left...therefore half sheets.

Here is the flip side below
I have one more page is below
Just the one page ...below
A Few Close ups
Lower right
I used the Pink Paislee Artisan elements..just cut it in half..and placed around the a frame...and used some of my fringe from the kit too.  I love how this is turning out.
I will probably create a new post ...when this is finished....I really need to do some house cleaning now..LOL...someone help me!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. this is so stunning, love how you showed each step of the way. so many details, so much work but all worth it :)

  2. OMG this is the 3rd time trying to leave a comment, watch them all come up at once lol....this is so cool all the steps along the way, love all the lil details. huggs



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