Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Celebrating New Year's Eve

Hello Friends!!
Happy New Year's Eve!!

First off...I must mention that Son #1 is turning 16 today!  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

I just love this time of year, I love to look back at what I have accomplished, see how I have evolved in my "Artistic Adventures".
Today I will take a moment to sit down and have a cup of my new blueberry coffee (made by Dunkin Donuts) and look back at all of my Artistic creations for the year.  I will also be thinking of new things to do in the New Year!

My First New Thing!!

I am SUPER Excited to Share 
"My Artistic Adventures Challeges"
 That's right...lol...I have decided to host a Challenge here on my Blog every 
2nd and 16th of the month using my
Digital Collage Sheets.
You will want to check out the RULES page here.
(I am sure the rules may evolve over time...but I will let you know).
I have mentioned this idea to my friends over the last year, and some of my  friends ....lets just say they seemed just as EXCITED as I was!!  
So I would like to introduce you to some of my friends who
will be helping me out with my Challenges....inspiring all of us with their art work using my collage sheets!

They have all encouraged me and even inspired some of my collage sheets.  Even though I have never met any of them IRL...I know we would all hit it off perfectly if we met!

There is my Bestest Online Buddie (BOLB)
Carol always always always visits my blog and leaves me encouraging comments....and emails!  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more like Carol!
She is my best BOLB!

Next is my "Late Night Scrapping Friend"
 I so appreciate Helene and her blog, she goes Everywhere in Blogland.  She is always filling me in on new challenge sites, new places to visit..and she is also very encouraging!!  That..and she stays up late...LOL.

A Newer Online Friend 
We have not known each other long, but we clicked RIGHT away!!
Shea will leave a lovely comment on my blog and before you know it we will have had a "big ole long conversation" via email...LOL.
I am going to be lucky enough to meet Shea in Feb!!  So excited about that!

A "Youtube" Friend

Anna makes GORGEOUS stuff!!  I met Anna while on the Pro 31 Design Team.  She is SUPER sweet!  She does a lot of swaps...and I love how she shares on Youtube.  

My "Mentor Friend"

First just let me say....instead of doing my DT projects the other day.  I was exchaing emails with Sandi...and before you know it...I was running up to our attic on the third floor (I never go up there...lol)...but I had to look for something!!  All because of Sandi!!  Here is what I went to get....project & story coming soon...LOL!
 I am pretty sure that Sandi and I are the same person....just in different countries!  So here is what I was inspired to create...from all of our emails back and forth on Sunday...LOL.  

Mr. Baby New Year & Pugsley's Top Hat Adventure Collage Sheet Set!!  You can find it in my Etsy here.
Page 1
New Year's Eve Top Hat Pocket Pugsley Spoolie Pieces  Digital Collage sheet Printable
Page 2

Isn't Mr. Baby New Year and Pugsley Adorable in their wraps and Top Hats!!

So each of these galz will be creating something to inspire us all for my first challenge on January 2nd!!  So please stop back by then..to see all the goodies, and play along!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's creations!!

I have created a badge for my challenges, which I would soooo appreciate if you were to place it on your blogs.
You can find the HTML code in the Gadget box in my Upper Left Column.  This is what it looks like.
If you don't know how to add the HTML code to your blog, 
you can see my tutorial on YouTube here.
I will have badges for incentive...and I will be looking for Guest Designers...and giving you information about my 
Design Team Call.

I want to make sure that you can play along...so here is a coupon code good for  15% off a $5.00 or more purchase in my etsy 

and a hint of what our theme will be...just visit my etsy...and check out my Shop Sections...and the one that has the most items in it....is our theme :0)
Here is a link to that section...LOL

So...you don't want to miss it!!

Thank you for visiting!!


This year (like every other year...lol) I think I am going to try and clean up my creative spaces!  I will write up another post on that tomorrow!  


  1. what a brilliant idea Heather look forward to joining in,love your sheets so it will be an excuse to buy some to play with
    hugs and best wishes for the new Year

  2. Happy New Year Heather, I know you, this will be a big hit! ~Diane

  3. So excited to be part of your new artistic adventure! Helene

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Love the idea of your Challenge for the 2014 year!!! I've posted your Badge on my blog....and hope to be back here playing along!!!! You ROCK my friend!!!

  5. Well you are working on me girlfriend...I am quite excited about "adventuring" with you! Working with Helene and Carol, getting to know your other buddies:)

    Your New Year's set - OMGoodness! How darned cute is that!!


  6. Hooray for you, Heather! I am challenging myself to enter more challenges in the new year. Guess which one I am going to do first! Off to Etsy to choose a collage sheet...

  7. Happy Birthday #1 son! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    So excited to be a part of this new adventure Heather and being able to play with some old friends and some new!
    Fun, fun, fun!
    BOLB Hugs!


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