Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas Bingo ATC Collage Sheet

Hello Friends!!
(I was just viewing my blog and looked at my title and went....what?????...fancy is ATC.  I couldn't figure it out...and it was my own post..I had just silly I am).
I hope you are having a fabulous Day!!
I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a couple of Collage sheet Sets that I designed.
I did a Christmas Bingo Card sheet a little while back.  It was done in the prim style.  I started another one, but didn't quite finish it...LOL.
So...I finally decided to finish it :0)
Here is my primitive Christmas Bingo Collage Sheet.
This one was made using the Candy Cane, holly and Peppermint images that I drew and painted in GIMP myself.
I did use this sheet to make a quick and simple card.
Page one
Page Two

I also have Christmas Bingo Cards that you can actually use to play Bingo.
There are four cards per page and the sets look like the cards below, except that they have different numbers.
I am selling them in a set of 12, which you can get here.  So there 12 different numbered cards. The images will be like the ones below.  Some are flipped etc. 
Page One
28 Vintage Christmas Bingo Game Playing Cards (actual cards numbered different so you can actually play game) Collage Sheet Printable Game
Page Two

Just a note, If you need more than 28, please let me know, I will have to make more cards.  In the 28 card set, I do use the cards from the 12 set.  So if you purchased both my sets, there would still only be 28 different cards.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to use these in a project soon!
If you have purchased any of my collage sheets and used them in one of your projects I would LOVE to see them!  
Thank you for stopping by!!


  1. These are great! Loved the first one but now I'm loving all the different images on the new one!
    BOLB Hugs!

  2. Great set of Bingo cards, reminds me of my Mom who used to love Bingo! ~Diane

  3. A nice addition to your collection!


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