Saturday, October 23, 2010

Copic first attempts...

After many trials and errors....I was finally able to come out with this tiny button on my Silhouette Digital cutting Machine. The line drawing of the rose was done by hand, then traced in Ink Scape, then put in Robomaster I added the scallop on the outside and then printed on our printer. Then I put the sheet into the Silhouette Digital cutting Machine, and it cut out the Scallop shape (I had to go into Robormaster and delete everything inside of the scallops, or it would of cut out everything). Copic Sketch Markers were then used to color the outside border pink with darker pink polka-dots, and to color the rose and leaf.

Here is a matching tag to go with the button. The same Rose was used, but once the line drawing was placed into Robomaster I made the tag shape using rectangle, oval and circle shapes. I also added the journal lines here as well. Again I printed (black) it out on the printer, then used the Silhouette to cut it out (again I had to delete all inside images or they would of been cut too). I then used Copic Sketch Markers to color in the edge with pink and added darker pink polka-dots. I used the Copic Sketch Markers to color in the rose and leave as well.

This is a photo of them on a light blue background.
Have a great Day!

UPDATE:  October 2010
I have come a long way....since these.  I was really big into using the copic markers....I may just have to use those again sometime soon :-)

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