Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Old Post....from another blog of mine....was a doozy for me :-)

My Auctiva Debacle 

Thursday night I decided that I would list some of the items I have recently created on Ebay.  For some silly reason I occasionally get this need to list my artwork because I just know someone is going to want to have it.  Craziness is all I have to say about that.

I was given a COUPON...not really a coupon in that sense, but if I can get a deal, then I want a deal.  Ebay would let me sell my items in regular auction format for only an insertion fee of $.10.  Now that is a Bargain.  Of course my friends hubby was using the free Auctiva to post my BF's items on Ebay, so I figured I would give them a try too.

Which leads me to my Debacle.  I have spent the last hour, maybe more trying to edit my listing.  Here is a link to my auction below:

It all started when I decided to use one of my previously saved auctions that sold.  When I listed the item, everything was correct except the scrolling gallery and Ebay search engine photos.  They are still the same as for the previous listing.  I have read everything there is in Auctiva, trying to fix this.  At least 4 times, I am pretty sure I have.  What is the kicker is that the right images show up when you click the auction title, but the wrong image is in the search engine.  I have decided that ....Oh will have to be.  I am too tired to waste any more time on trying to figure it out.  So check out my auction what actually shows up, is even better.

UPDATE:  October 2010
Unfortunately I never was able to fix this.  It ended up costing me extra money too....LOL.  No changes were ever made.  I have finally figured out how to use a current make listing new items easier.

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