Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last 5X7 Page (another post from past Blogs)

Gabe 5x7
Well....I had to go to the gas station to get got home and did this last sheet. What I have learned is that for now on I shall emboss first....then add the pictures. Even though I took care when Embossing...I ended up getting a blister in the top left hand corner ....hence the two pieces of bling. I just went on and added some simple bling to the rest of the page. Now I will probably go back to the other pages and do the same. I figured out the blister thing on Caleb's photo (which I have not posted yet)...and knew to be careful on the next pages. Unfortunately I just couldn't get the leaves to gloss up....and that is how I got too much heat which ended up causing the blister. Gotta run...up early tomorrow with the boys and then doing my 3 (13 hours each) work shifts! Hugs and Kisses to all!
By the way...I was able to get the protective sleeve over the page :-)

UPDATE:  October 2010
I didn't realize how much "bling" was out there in the scrapbooking world when I was doing this (May 2010).  It seemed bulky..and since then...I like more texture on my  I still need to finish this project!

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