Tuesday, December 21, 2010

365 Cards Day Challenge: 294

Sunday when I saw Pam's Sketch 
I knew it would be perfect for a few cards I needed to make.

About a month ago I had a "friend" on FB contact me and send me a link to her story on 
It is a site that you might want to check out.  Sometimes people wish for cards to cheer up a loved one, etc.
Honestly, I get a lot of friend requests through FB from people I don't actually know.  I just can't say no--unless I have no idea of who they are.  This girl graduated with my younger brother, so he knew her.  
So I made these three cards using the sketch--only two are shown because I did both the boys the same).  
This is the inside of the card.  I signed my kids names on it.  
So hopefully they will like the cards.  I dressed up the envelopes a little so they would be more festive.
I will send them each their own card and even if they don't like the card at least they WILL like what is in it...LOL.  Kids, you got to love them!  Two are teenage boys and one Girl.

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  1. Beautiful cards, and I sure love how you also dressed up the inside AND envelope!!!! WOW!!! I'd love to get one of those, for SURE.

  2. Hola Heather!!
    Aqui vengo de nuevo a hacerte usar el traductor,jejejeje.
    Gran trabajo, tu de dos en dos, asi me gusta!!
    Como siempre, es un placer ver tu aportación en el blog.
    Pasarlo muy bien con la familia mañana ;)

  3. Well this is soo wonderful!
    Love your cards...think they are soo pretty...and I love that you took the time to decorate both the inside and the envelope.

    Merry Christmas Heather!

  4. great batch of Christmas cards!!! and love the decorated envies!!! very pretty.. great job with the 365 card sketch!!!

  5. Great work with the sketch, and I love how you've dressed up the envelopes to go with your other cards!


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