Sunday, December 12, 2010

Okay...I need to decorate my Christmas Trees

Well I have been putting it off...playing with paper...instead of decorating my Christmas trees!  So I got started this afternoon and decided to just work on my two little ones.  So I can feel like I did get something done today.
I tried taking photos in the shall see how they turn out.
This is just inside our front door.  Tiny tree on a little dresser I painted years ago.  Just in case you didn't know....I like to collect  So I can keep all my fun stuff in them.
I will take some photos during the day tomorrow.  Here is a close up below.
The tiny sled to the left I painted a couple of years ago...when I was going through a phase of putting "German Glass Glitter" on everything.  It looks great...but hides a lot of the detail. 

Here is the one I started in my Dining room below.
It starts out being dragged from the attic and looks like this...
Both of these trees are older than my children.  I have to put lights on them....(I so love the prelit tree).  This tree is my favorite medium skinny tree.
I still need to locate a box of ornaments...that go around the bottom of the whole life's story!
Here is a close up of the top.
This was always my Victorian style tree.  Now I have a
My other tree's all seem to have some lighting issues...and my tech support team (DH) is not into taking care of the lights.  After many years of his carrying my tree's up and down the stairs...I guess I will let that pass...LOL.  Another brother thinks my tree's all look like they are wearing hats.  At least they look like vintage hats!

Hope your Holiday Decorating is going well!  I am off to spend some quality time with the kids..and DH.

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  1. Hi Heather! Love your trees and can't wait to see more! Starr

  2. Love your trees - so far! Seven more to go(if you were needing me to count!). The dark night pictures look all gold and glowy "come on in"..

  3. Love ur trees and xmas decor!

  4. Beutiful trees Heather!!

  5. Wow your trees are all awesome, TFS

  6. Total awesomeness heather!!! Just beautiful!!!!!!!

  7. heather your trees are gorgeous so far. Can't wait to see the rest

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  9. Your trees are beautiful, love the tops, Heather and I like the sled you painted too.


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