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Mary Englebreit meets Heather A Hudson my still working. is my take on the
Growing Dear Mother loved Mary Engelbreit.  I can remember when I first started painting...her style is what I chose.  I painted all of my mom's light switch plate covers...a peg rack...and a lot of other things...all with my Favorite Pink Mary Engelbreit Posey.
That was before I knew how to shade and highlight...which really the stuff I was painting didn't need that.  So here is my take on one of the "Super Stars" of my Youth...Mary Engelbeit.  
With a Heather A. Hudson
The twist is pretty much that the whole thing has been distressed.  I am not into "Bright Colors"
Here is a close up of the lower left.
I remember that was my Fav sentiment...Live..Love...Laugh!
This is it for those of you who are just visiting to see my take on the challenge. 
 If you are interested in seeing how this card came to be...please read on.
First I drew out the will see plan is to make some ornies later...if I have some time.  I used the craft foam sheets that you can get at craft stores...I got mine at the Dollar Store.  I simply laid the picture over the foam...and then traced over the drawing.  This leaves an indentation...on the foam.  Usually I go back over the indentations again...with out the paper.  Don't use a pen...because the ink will make your stamping "dirty" looking.  I normally use my painting stylus.  Here is a close up of the leaf.
You can see the indentations.  Next step is to cut out the leaf shape.  Below you can see the three pieces cut out.  I decided to add some free hand little circles in the flower itself...just to add a little extra touch.
I used light weight pink value card stock from Joanns...and green too.  I used Ranger's Peeled paint for the leaf...and Fire brick red for the posey.  
Here you can see how the foam looks with the ink on it..and how the stamps turned out.  I will end up scanning the shapes into my Robo Master I can just have it cut out my pieces in the I cut them out by hand.

Here you can see how I used one leaf stamp on green paper..and one on beige.  All edges were inked with Ranger's Vintage photo.  I ended up using the beige leaf...because it fits my decor better.  Someone else may like the darker better.
I used my Crop O Dile to add a grommet.
I added one of my fav leaf trims...and of course some vintage looking lace.  The paper was a cheap polka dot...that had "Bright White" dots...I just inked the whole thing...with vintage now it is perfect.  I added one of my Fav antique buttons and gold beading wire.  I also used this gold beading wire for the hanger at the top of the tag / ornie.  The wire is by Darice and is 24 gauge...which is really easy to twist and manipulate.
I just hand wrote the words...and inked them with worn lipstick...and vintage photo.  Hot glue holds the buttons in place.
I hope you might of learned something new...that you might want to try out.  Have a great day!
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  1. ahhhhhhh I love(d) ME! I saved all of the paper dolls and the free artwork from her magazines. That was also the first painting style I copied - still pops up every once in awhile :)

  2. I love Mary Engelbright!!!
    This is so fabulous!!
    The pearl is perfect!!

  3. This is just so creative, wonderful details!! Beautiful blog too!!!


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