Thursday, December 16, 2010

White on Acrylic

Today I decided to work on an acrylic background for a scrapbook page.   First I traced the shape of the acrylic piece onto plain white paper.  Then I doodled out a design...for a challenge by Lisa Nova over at Swirlydoos.
Here is a picture of the doodle.  The challenge is to have an all white layout (with acrylic if you want)...that is winter..and you can add only one color..and a summer photo.  So here is my sketch
The acrylic sheet came from 
Below you can see the first basecoat layer.  It will be all white...which..I may do this again in color...because I think it would be really pretty.
I did remove the thin film that comes on the acrylic..and used Folkart  Acrylic paints.  
That is all I have for now.
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I decided to update this post.  I went ahead and put on another coat of white paint...and my only other color is going to be green.  Because it is the color that matches the leaves on my  It is easier to shade with green on white...and not look so bad.
Here is the updated picture below.
Here is a close up

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to try this myself.


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