Sunday, December 05, 2010

I am listening to Christmas Music..and my Christmas Mojo is kicking in.  I have a lot to do today (and who doesn't).  I decided to start my morning working on one of the challenges from 
This one is for Day 276 Ephemera.  I couldn't tell you how many times I need to look up how to spell that  I always have an extra "r" in there.  So below is my take on this challenge.
A few Close ups
The upper Right
I had a very nice relaxing time creating my card.  For those of you who don't mind reading can see how this card came to be.
Here are some photos of the page I created in ROBO MASTER, the program I am currently using for my Silhouette SD (since the new program doesn't have the "find an outline feature)."
I just browse the internet...and find vintage Ephemera (wow spelled it right the first time).  I create an outline for them in Robo Master.  I always adjust that the cut time is not as long (removing nodes...and reconfiguring points...etc).  The lovely thing about the the great "Registration Marks" that you can your Silhouette Machine will read these "registration marks" (pretty much a fancy plotter)...and will know where to cut out!  Below is a photo of my page printed..and loaded into the Silhouette SD.
Just a note....I pretty much always have my machine cut my items there is no messing around with popping them out of the paper.  I do this by selecting the item...(make sure your image is not grouped with it's outline)...I copy and paste my "outline."  You will know that your machine will cut the item 2 times...when you outline color is "green"..showing it has been copied.  Now you will want to go back and group your image with the outlines.  Otherwise you will move it...and something will not follow...and you will have to do it again (experience
So how cool is this!  Walk away...get some coffee...or in my case I am on to Diet Cherry Pepsi  Here is what the sheet looks like when it is done cutting.
Since it cut twice (it is thin cardstock) pops out easy.  I like easy.
Kind of hard to see...but these outlines will be cut..just like on the Cricut...nothing has to be printed...and you just place your items on the page where you want them...and the Silhouette will cut them out.
Again...I did the cut twice...saves on time.
This is what you get.
Somehow I forgot the printed banner in this just pretend it is
I stamped using an Inkadinkado stamp...with Ranger's Distress ink in Peeled Paint...and then every thing was distressed with Vintage photo (meaning I inked the edges...and wadded up the ephemera). 
Took me a while to figure out where I wanted to place things.  If I were to make this card again (which I will)..I will decrease the size of the ephemera..So I can easily fit everything..with out having to cover up anything.
I didn't use the ticket on the front...I put it on the inside...along with a border of Christmas I used on my 
The Christmas Holly is one of the die cuts I created by first drawing it...and then painting it in GIMP (free online editing program)..and then cut out on my Silhouette SD.
One last shot of the finished Card.
Thanks for visiting!  Hope this inspires you to let your creativity come out and play!


  1. WOW! Thanks for the all the directions! I would love to figure out how to use my cricut in a similar manner...just haven't had the time but I'm definitely inspired by what you did! And what an awesome take on the Ephemera challenge at 365 Cards! Thanks for playing with us this week and can't wait to see what you do with next week's challenge!

    Aloha, Kim Mc
    365 Cards DT

  2. It's gorgeous!!
    I love all the layers!!

  3. Wow!! Piękna praca!!


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